Walls Paint to Choose for Your Interiors: Emulsion vs. Distemper Paints



Living in a place where the market serves emulsion vs distemper paint with its variety, emulsion vs distemper paints the customers are bound to get confused. emulsion vs distemper paint While planning to paint your house, the biggest confusion comes with a lack of knowledge about the variety of paints. Interior painting renders Distemper paints and Emulsion. Distemper Wall Paint is also widely known as cement paint as it can be directly applied to any wall. Emulsion paints are water-based and provide a matt finish to the walls Paint My Walls have accumulated pros and cons for each which will help you select the best.

Emulsion vs Distemper Paint


It is considered to be the most economical type of Wall Paint available in markets today. In common terms, it’s called “whitewash paint”. The basic constituent of distemper is chalk, lime, and water. The advantage of this paint is that it can be used directly on walls and need no surface preparation. The paint is workable for five to six years and can be applied inside and outside the walls.

Pros of distemper paint

  • Distempers can be directly applied on cement surfaces without any preparations.
  • They are less expensive compared to other alternatives.
  • They stay longer and may be up to three to five years.
  • They have fewer odors.
  • They don’t dry or crack in the sunlight.

Cons of distemper paint

  • Their quality will not be great when compared to other paints.
  • The paint shades or peels off when wet.


Emulsion paints are washable and the stains can be washed with wipes dipped in solutions. emulsion vs distemper paint It gives a shiny look to the walls but is costlier than distemper.

Pros of emulsion paint

  • They last longer compared to distemper. It can be retained for five to eight years.
  • The paint is washable when compared to the distemper.
  • One of the benefits of using emulsion paint is that it can be painted onto any surface like wooden furniture, emulsion vs distemper paint lining papered walls.

Cons of emulsion paint

  • It’s more expensive than the distemper paints
  • They have a very low drying rate in humid places.

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