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Interior Painting

Interior painting service includes Fresh painting and Re-painting with Stencil, Texture, and Designerwalls.

Exterior Painting

Make your home weatherproof and exterior walls durable with professional exterior painting.

Commercial Painting

Transform spaces to suit your purpose and character, top rated commercial painting service


We are a team of professional wall painters in your locale catering to all your painting needs

From a small-sized wall to large scale commercial painting, Paint My walls bring you the professional painting service, planned and administered well within your budget, yet a myriad of colors, shades and chic designs options to choose from.

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Phaniraj Srinivasarao
Phaniraj Srinivasarao
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The interior paint service was very satisfying and pocket friendly too. I will surely recommend it too everyone. Go for it guys as in bangalore it's difficult to find a good deal with quality like this.

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Paint My Walls was established with the motto of providing 100% Customer Satisfaction, turning a simple paint job into an experience to live

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Let your house walls not be spaces that confine, but broaden the horizons of imagination. Paint My Walls offers an array of handpicked modish design options that transform your living spaces. Let the walls say more!

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Most frequent questions and answers

We primarily use Products from Asian Paints.

For Interior we use

  1. Tractor Emulsion
  2. Premium Emulsion
  3. Royale Luxury
  4. Royale Shine
  5. Royale Aspira
  6. Royale Atmos

For Exterior we use

  1. Asian Ace
  2. Asian Apex
  3. Asian Apex Ultima
  4. Ultima Protect

Interior Painting

Fresh painting starts from Rs30/Sqft, 30% Disc, NOW Rs 21/Sqft.
-Re-Painting  Starts From  Rs16/Sqft, 30% Disc, NOW Rs 11.2/ Sqft.

Exterior Painting

-Fresh Painting Starts From Rs 21/Sqft, 30% Disc, NOW Rs14.7/Sqft.
-Re-Painting  Starts From Rs 16/Sqft, 30% Disc, NOW Rs 11.2/Sqft.

For royale variants (repainting) from Asian paints we use touch-up putty, one coat of primer and 2 coats of paint will be applied by default and the price is inclusive of touch-up putty and primer. For Tractor and premium emulsion (repainting) the price per sqft will include only touch-up putty and 2 coats of paint.

For all fresh painting, 2 coats of putty 1 coat of primer, and 2 coats of paint are applied irrespective of whether it’s Royale or the normal paint variant.

For example, if you are going for tractor Emulsion fresh painting then it will cost you Rs. 21/Sqft (2 coats of putty are Rs.14/Sqft, 30% Discount, Rs9.8/Sqft, 1 coat of primer is Rs.4/Sqft, 30% Discount, Rs2.8/Sqft and 2 coats of paints will cost you Rs.12/Sqft, 30% Discount, 8.4/Sqft so the total is Rs.21 per sqft)

Distemper Paints: They are the basic paints in the hierarchy.They are non-washable and contains VOC compounds.They release fumes and are devoid of UV ray protection and anti-algae property. Distemper is commonly used in ceiling areas.

Emulsion Paints: Emulsions being water based, are compatible with most pigment and additive components. Hence, are available in a variety of finishes starting from basic matte finish to extremely smooth, elegant sheen finish. They Provide enhanced properties like mildew resistance, easy maintenance, a wide range of colors.Emulsions have lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) content than other paints.

Matte Finish: Matte finish provides smooth and clear look.It can be applied to walls along stairways, in dining rooms, family and living rooms and master bedroom areas.

Eggshell Finish: This is the preferred choice for rooms that receive a moderate amount of traffic. Any patches or stain can be washed away with a cloth. This finish is often used in baths, children’s bedrooms, living areas.

Satin Finish: Satin finish paints are probably the most commonly used finish, on both interior and exterior surfaces. They are the slightly shinier counterparts of eggshell finished paints.

Semi-Gloss: Semi-gloss paint finishes are known for both their durability and wash ability. This finish is more reflective than satin but is not as shiny as gloss.

Gloss: They are at the epitome for providing the highest amount of durability and sheen. The highly washable paint can be used on cabinets and woodwork.

It depends upon the area of your house or apartment. Typically we take around 3 to 5 days to repaint an interior walls and upto 10 days (maximum) to paint the exterior walls (depends on the area).

The calculation is as follows:

Project type: 2BHK

BUA(Build up area): 1000 sqft

Carpet Area: 800 sqft

Wall area: 1440sqft(800*1.8)

Type of painting: Re-painting

For Tractor Emulsion (Rs 12/Sqft, 30% Discount,Rs 8.4/ Sqft)= Rs 12096/-

For Premium Emulsion (Rs 16/Sqft, 30% Discount,Rs 11.2 / Sqft)= Rs 16128/- 

For Royale Luxury (Rs 20/Sqft, 30% Discount,Rs 14/ Sqft)= Rs 20160/-

For Royale Shyne (Rs 24/Sqft, 30% Discount,Rs 16.8/ Sqft)= Rs 24192/- 

For Royale Aspira (Rs 34/Sqft, 30% Discount,Rs 23.8/ Sqft)= Rs 34272/- 

Yes we do give warranty

Good quality workmanship shall be ensured and it shall carry warranty of 2 years. Thereafter service charges will be applicable. Warranty does not hold for underlying non-paint related issues like seepage, structural issues etc. Please read the warranty terms & conditions at Warranty Terms.

Yes, we do provide dedicated project managers for a single point of contact and coordination. The customer can coordinate with the project manager for any queries.

No, we dont charge for the estimates or quotations which we send to our customers.

It depends on the type of paint you choose. For interior walls if the customer is using tractor or premium emulsion, it will last for 4 years and if the customers is going for royale varients from asian paints then it will last minimum of 7 to 8 years for exterior walls.

Colour Consultation will be charged Rs.1500/- per visit, and Rs.500 will be deducted in the final quotation, if the job is confirmed. As a standard procedure, customers has leverage to choose only up to 4 different colours (Interiors), every extra color will cost Rs.500/- on the final quotation.

Job value <₹10,000
Job value ₹10k-₹50k
1st Payment50% after work completion
Job value ₹50k-1L
1st Payment25% after 40% work completion
2nd Payment25% after 60% work completion
Job value ₹1L-₹5L
1st Payment25% after 20% work completion
2nd Payment25% after 40% work completion
3nd Payment25% after 60% work completion
Job value ₹5L and above
PaymentsBased on Terms

No, our price includes the cost for material, labour and post cleaning. We don’t charge anything extra.

Putty application is primary step for long lasting painting result. It’s very important if you are doing a fresh painting. Minimum 2 coats of putty is suggested. During repainting, if your walls are in good condition putty need not be applied everywhere but touch up putty can be used wherever it is required.

Primer is mandatory for all the fresh painting which we undertake. It helps in adhesion of paint to the walls. For repainting primer is only suggested for Asian paints Royale varients.

If you want to make your wall paint degrade from a darker shade to a lighter shade, primer will be recommended.

General FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

1. Increase resale value of your home

2. Boost visual appeal

3. Hiding the exterior flaws

4. Keep moisture out

5. Improve indoor air quality

6. Inexpensive remodel

Grease On Walls

Clean The Grease Stains With A Solution Of 1/3 Cup Of White Household Vinegar With 2/3 Cup Of Water.

Dirt Build-up On Walls

To some extent, you can wash away this dirt by simply wiping the stains with a sponge. If the dirt is too deep then you can try Mr. Clean Eraser which is easily available in the market.

Marks Resulted From Crayons

You can try Toothpaste on such marks and most of the marks will be cleared off with this if not try erasing with an Eraser in a sober manner or swipe with a Baby Napkin or you can use Baking Soda in a sponge and give a tight rub.

Marker, Ink Or Any Other Stains

For stain from permanent marker try using a Cotton Ball Dipped In Alcohol and rub thoroughly.

Lit the scented candles.

Charcoals: Charcoal has an amazing property of absorbing paint smell and leaving your home odour free.

Coffee Beans: The best characteristics of coffee beans are that apart from absorbing the smell they release an soothing coffee aura entire the room.

Baking Soda: Place baking soda in bowl in the painted areas.

Water ,Lemon: Fill up a bucket of water and toss in a few sliced lemons. The water will absorb some of the solvents in the air, and the lemons will add a fresh, clean scent to the room.

Conserve Left Over Paints with These Simple Tricks.

Stretch a piece of plastic wrap over the open paint can before closing the lid. This will create an additional seal to keep the paint fresh.

Keep the leftover paint in a cool dry area to keep it from spoiling and becoming unusable.

Label the lid of the paint can with the colour, brand, room it was used for, and the date it was opened.

Keep any and all contaminates out of the paint cans. Dirt, dust, oil, or just about any foreign particle or substance will contaminate your paint and make it unusable.

Keep it away from direct sunlight or near any inflammable object.

Turn the can upside down to allow the paint to create its own seal.

Ventilate the painting area

Keep the paints away from heat

Wear a respirator

Respirators are appropriate when the painting area cannot be adequately ventilated.

Protect the floors

Painting is a process which is bound to create a mess which can be avoided if taken certain measures.  Use cloth drop cloths/canvas cloths to protect floors and not plastic as it tends to make the floor slippery.

Expert Advice

Once a room is painted, give it at least two days to dry thoroughly before using it. In particular, children and pets should be kept away of the freshly painted room.

Spick and Span

Clean the area carefully and thoroughly once the work ends for the day.

Choice Of Exterior Paints: It is very important to choose good quality paints for your exterior as it helps in durability and also refrains seepage. The inferior quality paint is much prone to moisture build-up and creates patches on the interior wall surface and in turn, it leads to blistering or peeling of paints (read our blog about paint failures).

Paint Your Exteriors Before The Rain Hits: It is advisable to paint your house before the rainy seasons ideally between January to April. The water content or moisture in the walls remains for a longer time and that is the reason why the painting gets damaged even when it’s painted after the rainy season.

Check The Roof Or Walls For Any Cracks: Check the roof or walls for any cracks. If any crack is found repair it immediately. After repair, apply a coating of waterproofing compound over the roof/walls.

A Step Towards Waterproof paints: The markets are in with waterproof paints and are extremely useful for countering the rainy season.

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Note: This offer doesn’t include Texture, Stencil, Waterproofing, Scaffolding, etc.

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