1. The Grand Total is inclusive of Masking, Labor, Material, and Post cleaning. It does not include applicable GST @18% and is extra.
    2. Payment Stages as below
    Job Value In Rs-Thousand)
    10k -50k
    50k -100k
    100k -5000k
    1st  payment
    50% After 50% work completion
    25% After 40% work completion
    25% After20% work completion
    2nd payment
    25% After 60% work completion
    25% After 40% work completion
    3rd payment
    25% After 60% work completion
    1. Kindly mention the Deal ID (it is stated in the left top of this Estimate) while making online Payment. And share the payment ref details in the Whatsapp Group without fail. Pl. ensure to make payments as per the details given in Payment Options Any other payments/ payment modes shall not be considered, for whatsoever reasons or rationale.
    2. One official WhatsApp group shall be created to update regularly of the progress and assistance needed for coordination internally within customer premise. Customer has to actively engage for approvals, final Quality Checks etc
    3. Good quality workmanship shall be ensured and it shall carry warranty of 2 years. Thereafter service charges will be applicable. Warranty does not hold for underlying non-paint related issues like seepage, structural issues etc. Please read the warranty terms & conditions at Warranty Terms.
    4. PaintMyWalls is not responsible for any painting defects caused due to current or future seepage or dampness on the walls.
    5. Scaffolding charges will be extra as per actual (If applicable).
    6. For Fresh painting, if there are undulations on the walls, PMW assures correction of max only 1mm, for every 1 coat of putty.
    7. The color consulting charge of INR 1500 will be applicable on personal assistance; same amount will be adjusted upon confirmation of job.
    8. Dark shades may require more than 2 coats of application, and accordingly rate per sft shall vary.
    9. Customer has the option to choose max of 3, 4, 5 colours for 2bhk, 3bhk, Duplex respectively, without any extra charges. Post that, extra charges per additional colour shall be applicable.
    10. Once job has been started, it cannot be cancelled. If partially completed job have to be stopped, Company shall charge 1.5 times of the job completed till then.
    11. Client shall clearly outline the high-tension wires (and any other known dangerous areas) and should instruct PMW supervisors accordingly, from view of the safety of the painter and other labours in general.
    12. All costly belongings shall be masked, while painting. Pipes, casings, wires or trays which are running along the wall shall be painted with same colour as being painted on the wall. There may be spillage on pipes/ trays which are too close to the walls.
    13. All painting works where pipes/ power cables/ cable trays/ other lines/ trees/ plants which are attached or very close to the wall and not easily accessible shall be painted on best attempt basis. Especially those areas which are ‘easily’ visible from ground/ side angles shall be attempted fully. Customer has to cooperate in removing/ clearing any plants/ trees/ heavy/ fixed items from the area to be painted and make it accessible for the painter to paint.
    14. Though Paint My Walls does proper background checks of its painters, pl. take special care/ keep your costly belongings safely. We do not have safety provisions for personal belongings. For any manual job, there may be some collateral damage; pl. keep supervisor appraised of any special attention needed before the start of the project.
    15. Client should provide water, electricity & separate area/ room to store materials.
    16. Paint My Walls will take care of all safety measures, accessories for labours who work on site. Each labour working at the site are fully covered and insured; and customer shall bear zero liability towards any accident in their premise.

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