6 Elements to Keep in Mind while Decorating your Drawing Room



“For a long time, the drawing-room has always been the treasure vault of living.”

– Terence Conran

A drawing room is one of the first features visitors notice. When designing homes, the living or drawing rooms are given considerable care, and deservedly so! These are often where you entertain friends and relatives on essential occasions and relax with your family. As a result, it’s critical to arrange the drawing room tastefully to give the correct initial impression of your style.

Drawing rooms are typically entertaining rooms distinct from a home’s main room. Modern homes may not have a separate space dedicated to entertaining visitors. Your living or drawing-room can be planned and arranged to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. This blog has listed 6 living room décor ideas that can be easily implemented in a contemporary home. 

Read on to know 6 elements to keep in mind while decorating your drawing room from the best painters in Bangalore

1. Pristine Settings

This style of drawing room appears to be bright and inviting. The place seems clean and fresh due to the white ceiling and walls. The open living room on the right, along with the warm colour tones of the drapes, gives the space a light and airy feel. The drawing room’s colour palette, lamp, rug, and wall décor are essential and harmonious, creating the area’s desired feel.

2. Intuitive Sketch Chic Living Room

The space reflects any person’s creative side. The beautiful mirror piece on the wall is the first item that catches your eye. This can be because the room has a fake ceiling, and the owner has been able to experiment with overhead lighting. The comfortable sofa and coffee table are ideal for entertaining guests. 

The partition isolates the entertainment area from the rest of the room while maintaining the open feel of the space. This space demonstrates that you may be helpful and aesthetically whimsical with your design and décor.

3. Beige Sleek

If you’re looking for ideas on how to design drawing rooms quickly and with the least effort, look no further. This drawing room’s colour palette does all of the work. The dark colours are tempered with white furnishings and materials to avoid the space feeling dismal and unwelcome. Fresh flowers, greenery, vivid art and décor on the shelves offer a splash of colour. The additional sitting on the floor contributes significantly to the drawing room’s overall atmosphere.

4. Playing with Colours

The term for this kind of drawing room is “benevolence.” The light colours give the drawing room a gentler feel, even if it is formal and polished. The decorative pieces for the drawing room are compelling, and the stylish hanging lamp gives a sophisticated touch to the entire design. The walls are sparsely ornamented, allowing the space’s size to speak for itself.

5. Stackable, Minimalist Design

Modular furniture items remain a design trend. As a result, you may include urban furniture components in your living room design, such as a sleek wall-mounted TV unit, floating shelves, or a bookcase with sliding doors. So, instead of lavishly ornamented furniture, go for useful items. Keep an eye out for furniture that is streamlined and straightforward to use.

6. A Mediaeval and Trendy Meld

It’s all about combining traditional and vintage styles. It will not, however, be that straightforward. Adopting a completely retro style may not be feasible in this current era of house design. There are modern utilitarian furniture features in the historical living room design to balance things out. 

As a result, integrating antique appeal with modern home decor is the best approach to bringing vintage charm to your living room. Take a look at this stunning modern living room with traditional design features such as wall mouldings, decorative wall coverings, golden accents on wooden furniture, and flowery carpets.

Every home’s living room is its beating heart. It’s a gathering spot for socialising, drinking, and, of course, entertainment. As a result, it’s critical to maintain your living room’s style. While specific living room ideas are ageless, there is also a new generation of living room trends that are distinctive and original. It’s time to embrace a fresh beginning for your houses, from wall decorations to living room furniture choices.

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