Ever Wondered What Paint Finish Suits Your Interiors?



Apart from having a wide variety of options to choose from in paint colors, what paint finish is suits interiors paint colors also come in various finishes. There are various Paint Finishes available in the market for different areas in your home. what paint finish suits interiors Some Paint finishes are easier to clean and display more sheen while others convey a flat or matte finish, usually not recommended in areas of the home that are used more frequently. Let’s understand various types of paint finish/sheen.

Matte Finish:

The Matte finish provides a smooth and clear look. It’s perfect for your living and drawing room. This finish does not have a reflective property and it hides all imperfections like patches or holes inside the surface. Matte finish paint should never be used on walls that need to be washed frequently. It can be applied to walls along stairways, in dining rooms, family and living rooms and in master bedroom areas.

Eggshell Finish:

This is the preferred choice for rooms that receive a moderate amount of traffic. Any patches or stain that paint finish suits interiors can be washed away with a cloth. This finish is often used in baths, children’s bedrooms, and living areas. Eggshell finishes are low-gloss but more reflective than flat sheens.

Satin Finish:

Satin finish paints are probably the most commonly used finish, on both interior and exterior surfaces. They are the slightly shinier counterparts of eggshell-finished paints. This easy-cleanup finish is used in family and living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, playrooms, along stairways, in the kitchen and in the bath.


Semi-gloss paint finishes are known for both their durability and washability. This finish is more reflective than satin but is not as shiny as gloss. They are ideal for use in areas with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. It’s sleek and radiant.


They are at the epitome of providing the highest amount of durability and sheen. Highly washable paint can be used on cabinets and woodwork.

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