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What would the entire world look like if it were painted with delicate, discreet wall paintings? No wonder it would look astonishing! These unique and exquisite designs will add an artistic touch to any décor and bring life to your home! 

With all the beautiful paintings, murals, and wall-painting designs available these days, it’s easy to find one that will truly suit the home and décor of a person’s taste. But finding an attractive design for your home is not easy by any stretch, especially if you’re new to the game. 

Here is a list of a few of the top and unique wall painting designs by PaintMyWalls, which are meant to be your favourite decorative items and will indeed transform the appearance of your room for another couple of years. So, let’s start working towards creating a masterpiece of yours.

Wall painting designs

Wall stenciling

Most of you have played with stencils during your childhood. Similar is the concept of getting abstract or regular or any desired designs using stencils made exclusively for wall paintings.

Stenciling is one of the easiest techniques to bring a minimalistic design. It’s also one of the effortless methods because it can give you neat and clean edges. 

With Ishta Collections, PaintMyWalls has a great collection of designs for your personalized designs. The best part of the package is the flexibility, which can help you customise it completely. 


Randomly placed hexagons can create a fun and funky vibe to the room. No matter how many new trends come and go, honeycomb designs never fall offbeat. These designs can be customised in various ways, from kids’ rooms to adults. 

While getting a honeycomb-based wall design, use the colours that complement the room’s decor. One best thing to opt for is to use brighter shades for the kid’s bedroom and some toned-down and subtle tones for the living room, dining area, and so on. 

You can get desired wall designs with the Wonder Walls collection which will give you great design ideas only for your kid’s room. 

Designer patterns

As mentioned above, every design will enhance the entire look of any room. So while choosing the design pattern, you must have a picture of how you want the room to be.

The color, pattern, and design of the wall are the primary aspects that decide any room’s look. The classic and elegant look can be created using symmetric or asymmetrical lines. A stylish and contemporary look with darker and bold shades will bring a voguish atmosphere to your private space. 

Learn more about the stunning design ideas from PaintMyWalls, Warna Collection – the custom-made walls. 

3D boxes

Who doesn’t like some extra toppings in your regular pastries? Similarly, adding extra effects to your cool wall design is always interesting. Being the most trusted painters in Bangalore, now you have plenty of options available with PaintMyWalls experts to jazz up your home.

So, add some quirkiness to your rooms with some 3D wall effects. Try a 3D box design or replicate your favourite portrait on any blank wall and create a masterpiece.  

Elegant details

Adding that one element of pizazz to a plain wall is essential if you want to bring a splendid spur to a dull room! And how is it done?

Mix and match have always been the preferred choice for a clean and elegant look. To make it vibrant, you can mix two or more bright colours, and if you want to give a minimal and subtle look, you can use some mild tones. For instance, bubbly blue with white can create a fresh beach theme, or purple with pink will enhance your teenage daughter’s vibe. 

Connecting dots

When it comes to creating patterns over a blank wall, you can work with plenty of ideas. You have gone through some above, but if you don’t have any such definite ideas, there’s something right here for you.

Get a fun upgrade to your big canvas with a simple dots and lines design. These are easy to create but require precise attention to coordinate and complete. So, if you don’t have any ideas, add some dots to it, big, small and of different sizes!

If you want a pattern, plain and bold colours, abstract images or even any 3-D structures, you have it all here. With exclusive and exquisite designs, PaintMyWalls promise you in delivering your picture-perfect wall painting. For more ideas, check out the website, https://paintmywalls.in/ and the custom wall collections, Warna and Ishta. 

Create a unique design to style your home with your dreams and story! 

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