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Top 6 Vastu Colours For Living Room

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Vastu Shastra is one of India’s oldest science. The lessons from this research are being applied to promote happiness, harmony and growth at home and offices. It assures that the atmosphere and design of the home only elicit positive emotions.

The living room serves as the hub of all activity and is where we cherish family ties and spend time with our loved ones, it is crucial to use specific colours to infuse the space with positivity. As a result, PaintMyWalls offers you unique Vastu colours for living room certified by Vastu specialists.

vastu colours for living room, which colour is best for living room according to vastu

To start with the basics, Vastu Shastra states that certain areas and angles in your home are best suited for various colours and that utilising the right colours can bring healing energy into your home. 

In a typical Indian home, the living room serves multiple purposes, including reading, dining, entertainment, and even a home office. It is essential to achieve equilibrium since this area encounters a lot of energy and activity throughout the day. Consider choosing these recommended Vastu colours for living room walls to maximise good energy while designing or renovating your house.

Wall Colors: Which Colour is Best For a Living Room in Accordance with Vastu?

Your living room’s walls serve as its four corners. Thus they must match every piece of furniture in the space on all four sides. When all the beautiful furniture and art décor are added, the walls could feel like a forgotten aspect, but the wall colours are the space’s focal point. 

Brown, green, blue, beige, light pink and white is some of the uplifting Vastu colours for living room Vastu experts advise using.

Below are Some of the Vastu Colours for Living Room in Accordance with Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu, the best colours for the living room are brown, green, blue, and white. Each of these colours comes in various hues that you may choose from. Using these calming colours, you may unwind with your family or yourself.

1. Brown Conveys a Sense of Safety (Wood Element)

The brown colour has lately gained prominence of being the top best Vastu colours for the living room. It contains sustaining energy connected to the soil, delectable dark chocolate, and fine coffee—all the beautiful things in life. It exudes stability and comfort. By changing the furniture, rugs, and curtains or adding an accent wall, you may easily incorporate brown into your current colour scheme.

2. Green for Healing (Wood Element)

Green is a calming colour that is associated with Mother Earth and nature. It stimulates enjoyable feelings of restoration and growth. Consider painting only one accent wall in the living room green instead of covering the entire space. You could add extra greenery like bamboo, lotus, and aloe vera.

3. White to Promote Tranquilly (Metal Element)

For painting hallway walls, white is a colour that is always an excellent choice. It is simple, subtle, and easy, and it has no adverse effects at all. Being the best colour for living room as per Vastu, white has always been a top choice bringing clarity, wisdom and purity.

4. Blue Stands For Peace (Water Element)

Blue is a beautiful Vastu colour. Therefore it should be no surprise that these concepts are usually associated with it. While entertaining family and visitors, use a range of blue tones to infuse your living space with a good spirit. Light or pastel shades of blue can be used to make the living area feel cosy and serene. 

However, the colour may make your living space feel claustrophobic and constrained if your living space is small. Use a colour scheme with a blue accent wall and all-white painted furniture, doors, and windows in these circumstances.

5. Subdued Warm Pink Colour (Fire Element)

This colour is perfect for a tête-à-tête with a particular someone since it arouses sentiments of warmth and devotion. According to Vastu, if you and your partner spend much time in the living room, pastel pink colours may improve your relationship and avoid fights.

6. Orange Stands for Hope (Fire Element)

Orange is commonly referred to as a “social” colour since it energises Vastu energy to promote lively conversations and good times in the living area. When red is thought to be too vivid, orange should be utilised instead. Consider accent walls, false ceilings, and similar surfaces sparingly using this colour.

Have you found the Vastu-compliant colour that you think would be appropriate for the walls in your living room? If not, get in touch with the top painters in Bangalore for rapid, creative, and trendy makeover ideas for your living room that are Vastu-compliant!

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