6 Perfect Tips for a Happy Painting Experience    



Tips For a Happy Painting Experience

Home Painting is a tedious task if no proper planning is chalked out. Before the painters are set up with their work, you can get your hands on some preparations and Tips for a Happy Painting Experience.

Plan fixing the paint colors, and sheen you require for the walls, and understand whether you require putty or priming for your walls. The preparation will help you in speeding up the painting process.

1. Fix the paint color

The first step for you to start the painting job would be to choose the colour of your choice. Primarily
it would be difficult to determine which colour will look good on your walls. Get some samples of
colour schemes and appraise them in both daytime and at night.

2. Choose the right finish for your walls

Paint finishes serve a dual purpose, enhancing your room’s visual appeal while providing practical benefits such as durability, lighting control, and coverage capabilities. Read through our blog for an understanding of the paint finish which suits your interiors.

3. Calculate the amount of paint needed

Before you buy paint find out exactly how much paint you require to paint your walls. Benjamin Moore has come up with a paint calculator which gives you a fair idea about the quantity of paint required. https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-calculator. To work out things economically, it is necessary to calculate to avoid wastage.

4. Do primer if necessary

A primer is essential if you are doing a fresh painting. It helps in the adhesion of paint. Primer is not
compulsory if you are repainting and your walls are in good condition. Read our blog to know more
about priming.

5. Protect your surroundings

Home Painting can be a hectic task if you don’t protect your furniture and other belongings. Properly cover all your valuables or move them out of the room prior to the painting.

6. Eliminate the paint odour

After the painting job is done the paint odour can be a big bother. Sometimes just giving the appropriate
ventilation can do the work, but in some instances, the smell can hover for more than a day or more.

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