Things To Avoid In Interior Decor



A good interior design induces happiness and calms your soul while at home. It helps to utilise maximum space efficiently while keeping your preferences in mind. Interior decor with detailed attention would benefit you in several ways you wouldn’t have thought. 

In cities like Bangalore, a well-designed home gives you an organised lifestyle and creates a safe and relaxing environment. Designing the decor motivates you to be creative and make your signature statement. 

Hence, keeping a few things in mind while designing your interiors would be best, as there is no room for flaws. These are a few important checklists you must avoid while decorating your interior. 

Read through to learn the different things to avoid in interior decor.

Know the Measurements

Getting furniture without knowing the measurements of your room is a big no. Decisions on your impulses may lead to a vital error while designing your interiors. You should not buy furniture for your room just as they are. 

Even if you find a cozy couch and fall in love at first sight, you must check whether it fits in your living room. If it doesn’t work, there is no point in getting it. Considering the overall volume of the space is very important when choosing your furniture.

Choose the Right Furniture Size

It would be best to buy furniture according to your room size, and you must keep an eye on their sizes. It’s crucial to consider the scale and proportion of your furniture in your space. Furniture with heterogeneous measurements will look messy and won’t be pleasant to the room’s aesthetics. If you get furniture arranged proportionately, it will look presentable and appealing.

Placement of Decor Items

Getting the perfect piece of art for your room is not even half the work compared to finding the right place to hang it. You have to check that it’s placed neither high nor low nor even at an unmatchable place. This can make your desired piece of art look terrific in the most unexpected place in the room. 

So, before spending too much on the most extraordinary decor item, figure out where you will place it, how many you will buy, and finally, what you will buy. 

Overdoing Design Pattern

It’s common to have people around you give different opinions. While you start decorating your home, there will be many things to consider: what to do, what not to do, where to get it, and so on. 

While decorating or revamping your home often leads to overdoing certain things. Remember that your space is personal and should reflect what you want it to look like. Therefore, make your dream home unique with your aesthetics.

Arranging Furniture Against the Wall

While getting the interiors decorated, most people prefer the furniture placed against the wall. This is the scene in almost every household. But it does not help you save any extra space. 

The ideal way to place your furniture is to keep it close to each other and away from the wall. This arrangement paves the way for a more exotic look to your entire room. Even before you fix the place for them, try different locations and if moving your furniture is overwhelming, make a sketch and finalize the final look, which is appealing. 

Focus on Natural Lighting

The lighting of a room is an essential aspect of every home. But it is one of the significant aspects which gets neglected often. Lighting can change or create a whole vibe in your room. It is unflattering when light is flashed from the wrong direction and gets reflected. 

Good lighting can add to the room’s appeal and create the warm, soothing ambiance you want. If you are planning interior redecoration, ensure the room’s natural lighting is not hindered. 

You will better picture the decorating plans now as you have gone through a few top things to avoid in interior decorating. Being the leading painters in Bangalore, PaintMyWalls provides you with complete assistance to decorate your home. 

For further information, visit paintmywalls.in  and book an exclusive free consultation now. 

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