Simple Wall Painting Art Ideas To Revamp Your Home



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Your imagination limits how you can use the space in your home. One of the excellent ways to give a room an essence and a focal point is with wall art, like looking through someone’s music or book collection, a work of art can reveal much about the owners of a space and give insight into your personality. Even if you lack a creative streak, there are many ways to make your custom wall painting art with PaintMyWalls

The best part is that all you need is your imagination; it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create an original work of wall painting art whether you do it yourself or hire a specialised service like PaintMyWalls, the best home painters in Kolkata, to let your home reflect your personality. 

What is Wall Art Painting? 

Every home reflects the residents’ tastes, lifestyles, and aspirations for the future. Speaking of decor statements, it is excellent to highlight the home’s virtues and minimise its weaknesses as you add wall art painting decor to it. Today, when most homes have a modern decor aesthetic, some spiritual yet simple wall painting art styles with contemporary themes can liven the space.

Indian traditional painting techniques have always captivated viewers, and today’s digital prints of these works also help to fill a home with divine harmony and peace. How about using traditional wall paintings to decorate the home, such as murals or contrivance paintings? The captivating and electrifying yet understated modern wall painting artwork can infuse the space with happiness.

Different forms of wall painting art

Here are some simple wall painting art options to consider if you want to decorate your walls with something unique.

Mural Wall Paintings 

Mural painting is fundamentally distinct from other types of wall painting artworks. This art has attempted to evoke emotions by making significant impressions on the walls and ceilings. It is most frequently used to decorate public areas like building exteriors and depicts various themes. It is applied to enhance and enliven interiors as well.

Murals are considered a powerful tool for achieving social and political objectives because they dramatically alter the attitudes of passing passengers, mainly when they feature God idols, such as the famous Ganesha wall art or the 3D Radha Krishna wall art. Many towns now use these murals to draw tourists and increase revenue as it functions as bulletin boards.

Mural wall painting art can inspire and foster a positive environment. Mural art can lift your spirits if you’re feeling down. Wall art for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kid’s rooms can be created from murals. The kids’ room can be transformed into a fantastical setting with mural art and wonder walls from PaintMyWalls, exclusively made for curious kids. Painting, fresco, tempera, oil painting, graffiti, and tiles are some mural art techniques.

A mural wall painting art can be made in a variety of ways. Depending on the client’s preferences, muralists may alter their preferred medium or technique. Getting the muralists to commission your design is effortless when you choose services from one of the best painters in Kolkata, the PaintMyWalls.

Contrivance Wall Painting Art Work 

The Contrivance wall painting art style from PaintMyWalls features artists who represent the ongoing tradition of Indian art and show how India is resonating with global ideas. The various paintings and artistic mediums display a wide range of expressions and inventiveness while addressing a variety of subjects. One can see traditional Indian themes, mythological and historical themes, as well as expressions of the artists’ journeys, in these elegant yet simple wall painting artworks. 

Realistic, abstract, landscape and figurative works beautifully display the many facets of contemporary art. The pieces on display explore modernism and the Indian ethos in traditional forms. They aim to promote awareness and interest in modern art through the elegance of physical beauty and vibrant expressions.

Stencil Wall Art 

A less expensive option for custom walls is stencil wall painting art. Wall stencils from PaintMyWalls are easy to modify and safe for walls. You can add your preferred combination of paint colours and wall stencil patterns to your DIY wall painting artwork. Your walls will look fantastic with new patterns and personality, whether you prefer modern wall stencils, damask wall stencils, Moroccan bohemian stencils, or mural stencils.

There are multiple things that you can do up for a wall. Everyone looks for their life’s meaning, whether a specific goal or a morale-boosting tale. Remember that paintings are about the meaning they convey and the narrative one chooses to display. Make sure the room has sufficient lighting to showcase the painting’s intricate details and hang the painting on the wall with the four most contrasting walls. Purchase painting services for your home from PaintMyWalls, one of the best painters in Kolkata, for your wall painting artwork.

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