Reasons Why Dark Wall Paint Is a Good Idea



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Gloomy and dark wall paint colours ain’t the first thing that comes to mind when you talk about interior wall painting. People usually go for bright colours, and you pretty much expect them to bring out positive vibes to the whole interior decor. But you are really missing out a whole lot if you just go for the initial impression of the paint colour.

The darker end of the colour spectrum gets neglected way too frequently. While there are disadvantages like making a room feel small or cave-like ( a nightmare for claustrophobes.),

they also heat up quickly in the sun, due to blackbody radiation plus imperfections can be easily seen to an extent where even cracks seem transparent.

Let us give you 3 reasons why you should choose a dark wall paint:

Reason one:

Darker colours make things ‘ pop right out ’. Every piece of furniture or element of indoor decor sticks out when put against a dark background, which gives you an advantage when you have an expensive set of antique furniture or artwork you really love to flaunt.

Reason Two:

It’s the perfect cover for blemishes and cracks this includes dark shades of navy blue, maroons, and browns of the colour spectrum. This is really helpful if you have little kiddos in your house. This also gives you a break from the extra cost of wrapping up those frequent tears and crack. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Reason Three:

It’s warm and cozy like Hot Chocolate in the Winter Snowfall – While this may sound a tad surprising, it can prove to be true in some cases. If you land yourself a room that isn’t that big and you go all out with creatives in the interior wall painting, try darker wall paint colours. The warmer shades of the darker colours like greys or charcoal, the more luxurious colours like burgundy or velvet, makes your space seem a lot warmer and cozier than before, thanks to the extra absorption of light and heat waves due to the property of dark colours

If you’re looking to reinvent a space that has always been neglected, the dark colour choices may just be the right answer you’re looking for.

So feel no remorse when you try dark colours for the interior designs, contact us at PaintMyWalls to do the best of paint jobs in all of Bangalore.

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