An Understanding Of Various Paint Failures And Remedies



Paint Failures and Remedies 

Paint failures and remedies are one of the main headaches when it comes to home painting. Home painting services in Bangalore– PaintMyWalls makes sure that we reduce the intensity of paint failure.

Paint failure can be caused by many reasons like poor workmanship, lack of adhesion, and incorrect type of paint. Due to this various like blistering and chalking of paints take place. In this blog, we will be discussing various versions of Paint Failure and its easy-to-do home remedies.

Blistering Of Paints

Blistering of paint is due to moisture which forces up the paint film into little bubbles and is a major paint failure. A rapid rise in temperature will cause the vapours to expand and produce blisters.

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Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Apply primer before painting and make sure to not paint the walls at a hot temperature.

Bleeding Of Paints

Bleeding is the staining or seeping through of a soluble dye from the substrate through the top coat color.

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Before painting ensure all contamination, especially bitumen and tar deposits is thoroughly removed. You can carry out a solvent test to check if a soluble dye exists.

Chalking Of Paint

Chalking is the powdering of the surface paint due to external exposure and lack of paint binder. It is caused by the choice of the wrong hardener, poor aftercare of paintwork, and color coats applied too thick.

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To avoid chalking off paints, always use recommended hardener and mixing ratio. You should also make sure to do regular paintwork maintenance.

Flaking Of Paint

Paint flaking happens when the paint has inadequate adhesion and flexibility. Cracking and flaking can also result when the paint is applied too thinly. Inadequate surface preparation can also cause these failures. Flaking happens because of high moisture content inside the house, especially in the bathroom.

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Proper ventilation can fix most interior moisture problems. High-moisture areas such as bathrooms with showers should have exhaust fans installed. Scrape sand or scrub with a wire brush to remove all loose and peeling paint.

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