How To Find The Best Residential Painters In Bangalore



It is said that your home is the reflection of your own personality and it is the best way to showcase who you are and what your interests are. Having your brand new home painted or giving it a makeover is a very huge and important commitment. You should be really meticulous and careful while choosing your painter, especially when you are in a metropolitan city like Bangalore.

There is so much more to just a nicely painted home. Painting enhances the visual appeal and increases the value of your home, and technically speaking good quality paint gives you a good number of benefits like keeping dust and dirt away, protecting your exterior and also interior surfaces, providing you good indoor air quality, etc.

Some important things have to be kept in mind while selecting the painters in Bangalore for your house:

Meet the professionals:

It is always ideal to meet different contractors before you make any crucial decision. He/she might help you to figure out and guide you in the most effective way to achieve the outcome you expect. It is very important to know details like how big the crew is, the member’s experience level, and how much time he/she took to analyze your home.

The longer time he/she takes, the better it is. Even the most experienced ones take their time to analyze the place they are going to work.

Communicate your expectations:

Clearly convey how you want your house to be painted, whether it’s a double coat, or if you want to get rid of the unevenness on the surface from past work, etc. Let your painter know the price and quality you want to set up for the work.

Acquire your estimate

You should get an estimate or framework of the work to be done. It should comprise the share of work allotted to laborers, the cost of the materials, the brand of materials you prefer to be used, and a detailed description of grit blasting.

Go through their credentials

Before you hire your contractor, always go through his/her credentials. Check if they possess all the important licenses and verify if they have any history of unresolved complaints.

Obtain a complete contract

The contract should consist of all the important information regarding the contractor like his name, phone number, license number, address, etc. You should also get a copy of the painter’s liability and worker’s compensation insurance certificates.

Ask for guarantee

The painter should agree to make repairs to any sort of damage inflicted, such as chipping, flaking blistering, etc. that occurs within 2 years after the work is done. Even if the paint comes with guaranteed labor doesn’t, it’s very important to ask the painter for a guarantee.

Choose the paint for your house

Go for the paint you prefer your house to be painted with. Don’t let the painter influence you while choosing the paint for your house.


Never pay the whole amount at once. It is ideal to pay in installments and stick with paying 15%-20% until you are satisfied with the work.

So, there you go, that’s how you select the best residential painters in Bangalore or any Metropolitan city for that matter!

We at PaintMyWalls take pride in ourselves in saying we are the best in all of Bangalore, and Quality is our prime concern.

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