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By use of Authorized Cleaning Agents- Sodium Hypoclorite

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By use of Authorized Cleaning Agents- Sodium Hypoclorite
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Sanitization and Disinfection services

Given the current pandemic situation, PMW understands the need of a safe & healthy work environment and offers Sanitization and Disinfection services for your home, office or any other commercial spaces (Corporates, Govt and Private offices, Warehouses, Industrial/ Factory Establishments, Malls, Educational Institutions, Fitness Centres, Banks, Apartment complexes, Shops / Outlets etc). This disinfection offering comes with deep understanding of the need and best technical knowledge matching and following international standards compatible with MoHFW guidelines and still very reasonable.

Our uniquely defined “Surfarial” process disinfects both Surface and Aerial microbes in an intelligently combined operation, which decontaminates every nook and corner of space being addressed.

Why Choose Us?

This disinfection vertical is headed by a Chemical Engineer from a premier institute and having professional experience of more than 25 years!!

We have unparalleled understanding of the pathogens (virus, bacteria etc) and the exact methods and process needed to contain them. Click here for more.

Our Disinfection process follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as laid out by CDC (Centre for Disease Control, US –Click here for more.

We use Disinfectants as prescribed by MoHFW (Click here for more.) and EPA approved of Equivalent Indian Product (Click here for more.)

Smart techniques to ensure keyboard is disinfected without ‘wetting’ (read harming) it. Pl. find complete details of the process here. Click Here

Final step of ‘Surfarial’ ensures all hand-touch or wipe-touch cross-contaminations are taken care and you get 100% disinfection

In specific and extreme cases, our SOP can match highest disinfection standard followed inside Operation Theatre

Technically most advanced tools and few from US, Germany etc – you will be served using same latest technology as the most developed countries in the world is currently using

Our disinfection services are managed in a safe, compliant and effective manner. <link to Our basic Commitments>

Once we are done, you/ your team feel ‘good’ with fresh fragrance of natural Eucalyptus or Sandalwood

…… And many more equivalent nuances to give you the confidence that you are being served the best.

Our 4 step advance disinfectant treatment includes:

Step 1 - Cleaning
It can be exhaustive cleaning vs basic cleaning based on the actual need of the premise. [Disinfection process is not very effective on dirt and grease. Else, surfaces have to be made completely wet, which may not be practical or advised way, after the progress made in this industry].
Note:- Steaming (only if needed) – of the carpet, upholstery or other porous surfaces
Step 2 - Sanitization
To eliminate germs and viruses from critical touch points such as electrical switches, door knobs and handles, sink handles, faucets, etc. by using disinfectant wipes, and moving it in one direction
Step 3 - Surface treatment
For surface we directly spray the foggers nozzle on the surface with bigger disinfectant droplets size in upwards of >100 Microns – in the process disinfectants condenses and wets the surface to completely disinfect the surfaces. As droplets are still way smaller in size, it wraps the surfaces from all sides like air, and effectively disinfects it completely without “visibily wetting” the surface/ and objects on top of the surfaces.
Step 4 - Aerial Treatment
we fumigate the aerial space of the premise using ULV foggers with defined and very small droplets of disinfectant of <25 Microns, with all ventilations closed for 20-30 mins. This way disinfectantsreaches all the nooks and corners of your premise killing all kind of microbes like bacteria, virus, fungi etc.including spores.

Time Needed

Disinfection efficiency is reduced on dirty places – Cleaning beforehand is must. If you are an office or commercial space and if you already have existing team who are doing cleaning on regular basis, we would like to leverage your team. [If you do not have, we shall do the cleaning] Quite understandably, cleaning can take humongous time, depending on the size and complexity of cleaning expected.

If cleaning is already taken care, we shall complete sanitization and disinfection process from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the place being disinfected, irrespective of the size.

Brief generic Disinfection process/guidelines

(Below starts after cleaning, including garbage/ trash Management)
1. Sanitize the place – clean and mop with disinfectant all the visibly dirty places
2. Disinfect all frequently touched surfaces – hard and soft
3. Start Disinfecting from high areas to low areas
4. Disinfect surfaces from clean areas to dirty areas
5. Close Ventilation
6. Disinfect surface
7. Disinfect aerial
8. Open Ventilation

Process Flow

Disinfection service- Process Flow

DO ASK, WE'RE HERE FOR YOUFAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why chose us for Disinfection?
  1. Likely we are the best in tech prowess and in following international SOPs. Click here for more.
2. How safe it is to disinfect?

Every chemical has its own positive or negative impact. Let me explain with analogy -Aspirin one of the safest medicine and few patients have to take it daily. It is also an acid  [Acetyls Alicylic acid (ASA)] and has its known side effects. So to reduce our chance of error, we go by what has been in use for ages – most likely we drink this disinfectant (Sodium Hypochlorite) every day, anyways; yes in our drinking water every day, as a primary disinfectant. And it has thousands of other beneficial medical and non-medical usage, which touches our day to day life.

This article <https://www.greenfacts.org/en/chlorine-sodium-hypochlorite/index.htm> discusses and concludes very specifically about the benefits and potential risks – and concludes safely that “risks to health from by-products at the levels at which they occur in drinking-water are extremely small in comparison with the risks associated with inadequate disinfection” and the same can be extrapolated to other equivalent usage.


3. And what can be the frequency to be considered safe from human and environmental perspective?

Depends – if it is open space vs enclosed? Or if the usage of same place or material is by multiple people i.e. it is shared/ handled every few minutes/ few hours or the space is used by one person alone? Cinema hall or bus or metro may demand disinfection, after every customer departs/ show is over. Similarly for Airport or Malls trolleys, after every usage. For Industries working in shifts, it can be after every shift change. In office, it can be just frequent hi-touch points and daily once surface disinfection after everyone has left and weekly aerial disinfection, in current status. Once current virus spread has been contained, then it can be way more relaxed.

We can give analogies again for easier comprehension, because absolute discussions will take us too deeper and by then we will lose the relevance of the topic itselfJ

In an average home, we use decent amount of chemicals, from soaps, toothpaste, salt, sugar, Vinegar, Aspirin – list is endless. Pl. find the list <https://www.pure-chemical.com/blog/list-of-chemicals-in-daily-life/> Usage of each discriminately is not hurting us that much on a daily basis – correct? Pl. find research on this <https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/11397-household-chemical-products-and-their-health-risk>. We do clean ourselves, restrooms with some chemicals, almost daily. The amount of chemical used in one commode cleaning can be used to disinfect one big hall, with our latest ULV fogging machines. That gives some perspective?

Interesting read which suggests“we could effectively be ‘feeding’ our skin over 100 different chemicals before we even have breakfast” <https://ecologyskincare.com/5-types-of-processed-chemicals-to-avoid-in-your-body-wash-why/>

4. When is steam disinfection required?
  1. Disinfection process expects clean (dirt free) surfaces. If dirt is there, it should be cleaned first and then disinfection process can be applied, else disinfection quality is compromised.
  2. In case, there are floor carpets/ mats, or upholsteries which have thick and or complicated weaving, which makes complete elimination of dirt difficult or there are time constraints to clean, “high temperature steam” will be the preferred way of complete disinfection.
5. Will the space smell for a while after your disinfection services are over?
  1. Rather it will be having very slight healthy aroma of sandalwood or ‎Eucalyptus forest.
6. Are Sanitization Tunnels good for fighting Coronavirus?

Yes, if it can be managed in a very controlled environment. In Indian context, little difficult to manage.


Else, big ‘No’. Indian Ministry for Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has clearly and unambiguously suggested not to use it!! And rationale is clearly explained in the below statement of MoHFW–


Our basic Commitments (wrt our team visiting your premise) -

  1. We at PMW are committed towards your safety and well-being and accordingly we endeavour to deliver best in class services.
  2. Each of our Experts shall abide by the norms specific to your premise; pl. do let us know beforehand as requested here Click here for more..
  3. In case you already have thermal scanner, they shall abide. Else, they shall be mandatorily carrying their own thermometers and shall show their body temperature to you/ your security team before entering your complex.
  4. Our experts are trained to maintain hygiene and using respiratory masks and gears (PPE) while delivering Sanitization and Disinfection services.
  5. Our Experts follow the social distancing protocols in and outside your premises to assure you completely safe service experience.
  6. They shall be well-behaved professionals, throughout.

Expectation from you as a customer –

  1. If you very specific and or unique protocols for visitors/ for outside workers within your premise, you shall let us know beforehand, so that we shall be prepared to attend to them without wasting your time (and ours) once we have reached
  2. You shall not force our team to work in difficult to reach places. In case, it is needed, you shall provision appropriate tools to ensure our teams safety. Their safety as is much your responsibility once they are in your complex, and accessing or doing more than any usual or specific to your place.
  3. As suggested above, cleaning is an option we provide and our primary function for this vertical remains Disinfection. If you have dedicated team for regularmaintenance, we shall leverage the same for cleaning, to save you cost and time. Pl. engage with us beforehand to suggest availability of such cleaning options with you.
  4. You shall be available on our pre-agreed time to assist our team with their security check-in, initial set-up, evacuation of the working professional just before the disinfection process, and any ad-hoc request of our team, which may be specific to your premise to enhance their productivity.
  5. While cleaning, customers (especially kids, if any) should maintain distance from the cleaners and the rooms where the service is being carried out
  6. If any food item should be kept sealed or away from the area being disinfected
  7. While disinfecting and for 30 min post disinfection services, customers necessarily needs to be away from the area being disinfected. If they need to be there, then they should be in proper PPEs and masks.
  8. Proper ventilation is needed for 30 min post disinfection services, and this phase needs to assisted or completely managed by customers.
  9. Few of our equipment are dependent on electricity and our team shall expect connection points from you.Similarly water (and Ladder, if height is more than 15 ft) should be provisioned by the customer.
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