Best Red Colour Combinations for your Wall Design



Red is a colour that represents intense emotions. This eternal colour is the sign of spring, the emblem of love, and the flag of desire. And the concept is worth going into when the strength of red meets design! The power of colour lies in that.

Red colour schemes have increasingly gained popularity for contemporary living rooms, statement walls in bedrooms, and other interior spaces. It offers a variety of avatars that might be perfect for your living spaces, whether on your Pinterest mood board or hand-selected colour swatches. These avatars range from lively vitality to comfortable seclusion. The abundance of alternatives makes it simple to select the ideal colour scheme for red.

To help you select the colour that complements red and brightens your home, we at PaintMyWalls have put up a straightforward guide.

Timeless Couple: Red and White

Your modular kitchen or spotless bathroom looking gloriously white and crimson is a sight to behold! Similar to white pearls on a red dress or white frosting on a red velvet cake, this colour scheme precisely has the right amount of style appeal. 

To give your bathroom a sumptuous appearance, play with the glossiness of the reds on your tiles and complement it with your bathroom furnishings. When it comes to a modular kitchen, let the rich red show through your cabinet finishes or walls, while white draws attention to other delicate components in the room.

English Duo: Black and Wine Red

The new debate is about the ideal colour scheme for homeowners who want to experiment. The red and black-decorated bedrooms have taken over the spotlight and cover pages. Many homeowners have had sleek black dressers and wardrobes complementing glossy red walls on their wish lists for a long time. Some prefer vibrant, glossy walls; others choose neutrals and pastels. 

The cosy red tones and the seductive black give your bedroom a stylish edge while providing you with the appropriate amount of privacy. Add a good rug to it, and you have a room that will make a good cosy romantic time with your partner.

Classics: Ruby Red and Earl Grey

This combo offers the ideal recipe if you want to go classic with a hint of current flair. The traditional red makes the space look alive and vibrant, while the subtle and weathered grey takes a backseat, making this combination a favourite one for most homeowners. 

The enormous expanse of walls may be complemented with sleek, slashing equipment like a Smart TV and ambient lighting due to the emergence of modular and minimal dwellings.

Simple Option: Pale Red and Rustic Brown

The finishing touches of a modern living room include:

  • Rustic dining table
  • Lovely centrepiece
  • Wooden wall unit
  • Splash of soft crimson on the walls

Let the cosy wood details and the striking yet peaceful red expanse permeate your common area. Pale red is a great colour for a living room or kitchen since it seamlessly integrates with the space’s functioning. Since red colours are current and wood tones are timeless, most homeowners enjoy experimenting with this combination to give their homes a unique look.

Pleasant Look: Ashes of Red and Pastel Pink

If you’re an energetic, passionate homeowner who wants your bedroom to reflect that energy, this red colour scheme for your space is the ideal choice. The red colour family’s subtle shades create a bold but stylish living room. You may decorate and furnish your walls with light pink accent walls, soft red décor, and pastel pink linens. Studios, study areas, living rooms, and bedrooms are incredible places for this colour scheme.

Colour combinations with red are intended for modern yet conventional house designs, whether they are strong red walls or textured red ceilings. While picking a colour scheme that fits your personality is straightforward, it’s time to start your house painting experience!

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