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Asian paints services from PaintMyWalls

Asian Paints Services – Asian Paints is one of the leading frontrunners in the paint and home décor industry of India. It has been a major powerhouse of the paints industry with its presence in all four segments of decorative paints i.e. Interior wall finishes, Wood finishes, Enamels and Exterior wall finishes. Waterproofing, Wallcoverings and adhesives are other mainstays of Asian Paints. It also has its footprint in the kitchen and bath fittings space.

Home painting solution

Asian paints home solutions is a service devised with expert guidance on various nuances of homemaking such as budget, colours etc. Their professionals even discuss your preferred timeframes and deliver painting service according to your tailor-made guidelines4 steps which are stated below: –

Step 1-

A form needs to be filled to kickstart your Asian paints home solution services which enables them to send an expert associate at your location. The expert takes a detailed note of your requirements for the perfect painting service.

Step 2–

From the expert notes and guidance, you are required to choose a select range of home services according to your needs.

Step 3-

The professionals then advise you on the colours, themes, layout and budgetary provisions, which helps you chalk out a service programme at your budget and specifications.

Step 4-

The service starts up and works diligently to complete your painting needs by your selected timeframe.

Asian paints royale play texture

Asian Paints Royale PlayTexture is a masterclass with its arsenal of various themes and designs for the interior walls of your homes. The various types of textures available are as follows: –

Royale play metallics

It is a water-based special effect with provides a metallic look to interior walls.Combing with this creates waves and curves which are a fun way of adding sheen to your home.

Royale play antico

For those who are enthralled by antiques, this texture is formulated to provide a regal look which in effect takes you through to the golden times.

Royale play infinitex

This one is a nature lover’s delight with intrinsic natural designs and themes that single out your home as a natural hub.

Royale play stucco

This lime based plaster works around for marble finish that not only provide a firm look but also a stone hedge-type layout!

Royale play dune

Inspired by Africa, it comprises themes on sand dunes, deserts and much more for that foreign and faraway look to your home.

Royale play safari

It’s meant for the adventurers with transformation of the home walls to that look miles above the ground and plentiful others.

Royale play special effects

It contains one of the largest variety of themes which do make decision-making tough although for the good!

Dealers in Bangalore

Asian Paints Bangalore have tie-ups and dealerships with numerous service providers but Paintmywalls.in has outshined others with their offering all type of Asian paints colour, themes gaining them prominence. With an array of quality providing professionals, Paintmywalls.in stands out from the rest making it one of the most widely trusted and reliable Asian paints dealers in Bangalore.

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