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Apartment painting is much like going out shopping. You can either shop on the street, pay a few cents and buy clothes, or go to a mall and spend a lot of money buying branded clothing. Everything is based on how much time, effort, and money you will put into it. Even if most people generally prefer cheaper, there are several factors to consider when painting an apartment. To help you keep one step ahead, PaintMyWalls, one of the top interior and exterior house painters, has put together a few suggestions before starting your apartment painting project. 

Top Colour Trends for Apartment Painting 

The benefits of modern apartment living are numerous and fascinating. When you first view an empty flat or house, your thoughts about paint colours and furniture begin to run. As you do so, images of all the lovely and rich layouts you’ve seen in publications and on Pinterest come to mind. Choosing a colour scheme for the walls can be difficult, especially in small spaces. It’s common to paint the walls white to give a room a sense of prominence, yet it is confining and tedious. 

PaintMyWalls has compiled 5 of the greatest colour schemes for your apartment painting project so that your creativity isn’t constrained. 

1. Dark Turquoise

Apartment painting Dark Turquoise colour, apartment painting service

How much of an effect you can have in a bit of space is unique. Dark colours provide a relaxing effect that is especially welcome in a small space like a studio apartment. Dark turquoise, this deep blue, creates the appearance of depth, making the room appear larger. In smaller rooms, the colour seems a little moody without being overwhelming. 

2. Floating Rose 

Apartment painting Floating Rose colour, Top Colour Trends for Apartment Painting

To blend in with the greenery during the warmer months and to serve as a reminder that spring is approaching when the cold gets intolerable, choose a subdued moss green with a tinge of grey. Use this shade close to a window for the best results.

3. The Hue of Ochre Earth

Apartment painting The Hue of Ochre Earth colour, apartment painting cost

Ochre makes the room feel cosy and welcoming, but it can also be utilised to give formal living rooms a stylish look. When applied throughout, ochre has an organic, earthy tone that will make any place seem more friendly. Rusty reds, sage greens, and copper are all complemented by its golden, mid-tone tan. You can give the space more depth by pairing this light tan paint tone with a lighter shade of grey or a pastel tint. The relaxing impact of taupe and other earthy ochre colours is the same. 

4. Icy Metallic Silver

Apartment painting Icy Metallic Silver colour, commercial painting service

Remember that darker hues appear better in smaller spaces, as a general rule. A tiny flat or condo painted in silver has a contemporary, elegant, fashionable atmosphere while still feeling cosy and stylish. You can go right with a lighter grey palette if you’re trying for a modern or classic design. Depending on the type of furniture you pick, you could make it appear highly professional or relatively casual. A great substitute for the traditional white or beige paint job is silver. 

5. Purple

Apartment painting purple colour, How Much Does An Apartment Painting Cost?

Purple was a popular colour in fashion throughout the 1980s. It stands for majesty, power, and aspiration. It has been demonstrated that purple has a relaxing and energising effect on the mind and body, making it one of the best colours for your next apartment painting job. Painting the walls purple in a modern flat or condo will give them a distinctive, self-assured vibe you’ll love. 

Purple accents would look good in every area of the house. It is calming, stylish, and certain to have a significant impact. A contemporary and upscale environment can be created in the kitchen using purple on the cabinets or walls. 

How Much Does An Apartment Painting Cost?

The overall cost of your home’s interior painting and exterior wall painting is more important than the paint and other miscellaneous expenses. If you are not ready for a painting project and want to know what to expect, the costs of painting your apartment can quickly increase. Here are a few points to be taken care of.

1. Comparison Between Exterior and Interior Home Painting Projects

Exterior house painters tend to be less expensive than interior ones in general. The technique takes longer and requires more work when painting a house’s exterior, which would need scaffolding or a ladder pulley system. Furthermore, since weather changes directly affect the exterior, it usually needs extra paint. Remember to get thorough sanding and levelling before painting your property’s exterior. 

2. The Cost of Touch-up vs New Paint 

The most important element is how well the painted surface is maintained. Walls are often the only surfaces painted. Putty, priming, and at least two or three new coats of paint could be needed for a fresh coat. On the other hand, a repaint could call for some touch-up putty, a primer, and one or two more coats of paint. For the more costly (luxury) paints, wall punning is essential because it improves the appearance by hiding the undulating surfaces of the wall. 

A brand-new paint job could cost more than a detailed touch-up. The cost per litre of paint and the painting cost per square foot of painted surface could differ significantly due to the extensive range of materials needed for apartment painting or any other residential or commercial painting structure. Each square foot’s workforce cost to paint is a considerable portion of this total. 

3. Cost of Putty and Primer for an Apartment Painting Project

You can use putty, a white, cement-based, water-resistant product, to smooth out bumps and divots. One KG of putty costs around ₹50 and could usually cover an average area of 15 to 35 square feet. Before applying paint, primers are used to enhance the look of the surface. It is used before putty for better paint adherence. Primers can cost anything from somewhat cheap to reasonably costly. A litre of primer costs between ₹140 and ₹200, covering surfaces between 210 and 270 square feet.

How to Select a Trustworthy Apartment Painting Service Provider?

apartment painting, professional painters near me, How to Select a Trustworthy Apartment Painting Service Provider?

Start your search for an apartment painting company in your neighbourhood by typing “painters near me“, or “apartment painters near me“, or “professional painters near me” into your search engine. 

Below are a few suggestions and recommendations from PaintMyWalls’ professionals. Utilising these recommendations will limit your options. You can relax knowing that a skilled staff oversees the issue. 

1. Value knowledge 

Speak to your friends and family as well as acquaintances that live nearby. Making a final selection can be aided by discussing your options with the ones who have availed the services before. 

2. Check to see whether they have insurance and a licence

Before making a choice, verify that each home painting company on your shortlist has a valid licencing. Depending upon the type of property, different licences should be obtained. Before allowing the crew to access your house, check their credentials. Also, verify to see if the company has enough insurance. For any harm they cause to your property, they must compensate you. If an accident occurs in your home, you don’t want to get involved in any lawsuit against you. 

3. Inquire about a warranty 

Before selecting a painter, look for one that offers a warranty on their work. When working with experts like PaintMyWalls, which offers a warranty of 24 months compared to the others who only provide a 6 to 10-month warranty, you can be certain when it comes to warranty. Learn what is included in the guarantee as well. Please offer a list of what should be omitted. Please give an illustration of how labour and materials are included or not.

4. Request a cost estimate 

Ask your painting service provider for their rates in detail, not just broad estimates, and make additional inquiries about the price’s inclusions. Obtain written documentation of each specific. Remember that you will have a written copy to refer to if there is a misunderstanding.

Final words

It’s essential to understand painting fundamentals, whether repainting or building a new house or taking up an apartment painting project or a commercial space. One of the best painting service companies, PaintMyWalls, can assist you in reimagining your interiors most creatively. With innovative strategies like no-cost EMI and the opportunity to pay later, specialists at PaintMyWalls will ensure that you receive what you want without the hassle and that it is within your budget. Check out PaintMyWalls for more information.

Various FAQs answered on Apartment Painting

1. Why should I hire professional painters for apartment painting?

For your apartment’s painting project, working with expert painters like PaintMyWalls offers top-notch outcomes and a hassle-free experience. Professional painters possess the skills, equipment, and understanding necessary to work on a variety of surfaces and produce a faultless results. They may also provide guidance on choosing colours, priming surfaces, and effective painting methods, eventually saving you time and effort.

2. What should I consider before painting my apartment?

There are some key things to think about before painting your flat. Consider your preferred colour scheme first, as well as how it will go with your furniture and décor. Additionally, remember to follow any guidelines or rules regarding painting that have been established by your landlord or apartment block. Before painting, it’s also crucial to evaluate the state of the walls and see whether any repairs or prep work is required.

3. How long does it typically take to paint an apartment?

The time required to paint an apartment can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the apartment, the number of rooms, the complexity of the paint job, and the drying time between coats. Generally, professional painters can complete a standard-sized apartment within a few days. However, it’s best to consult with the painting company to get a more accurate estimate based on your specific project.

4. What is the difference between professional painters and commercial painters?

Professional painters typically cater to both residential and commercial clients, offering services for various properties, including apartments, houses, offices, and retail spaces. On the other hand, commercial painters focus specifically on commercial properties, such as office buildings, restaurants, and shopping centers. While the painting techniques and skills may overlap, commercial painters often handle larger-scale projects that require specialized equipment and techniques to meet the unique needs of commercial spaces.

5. Can professional painters assist with color selection?

Yes, professional painters like PaintMyWalls, often provide color consultation services. They have extensive knowledge of different color schemes, trends, and how colors interact with various lighting conditions. They can offer guidance and help you choose the right colors that suit your preferences and enhance the ambiance of your apartment.

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