7 Best Ways to Style your Kitchen



Kitchen, the soul of every home! A place where you start and end your day. For some, it’s the favourite hangout spot or the go-to place and even a place for letting out all your worries of the entire day! 

The kitchen is not just another room but a room where families bond as food is prepared. It’s the emotional centre of the entire home. Thus, choosing the interiors for the same has to be necessary. To cater to various ideas churning out of the box, PaintMyWalls presents you with an exclusive range of designs that would make your kitchen reflect how passionate you are about cooking.

1. Grey, a Fun Way to Liven Things Up in the Kitchen

Grey is a cool, edgy, and futuristic colour that millennials seem to adore in their homes and kitchens! If you have a medium-sized kitchen, this metallic tone is a winner. If you believe all-grey is too dull, choose darker and lighter grey tones for the top and bottom cabinets. You may combine it with other neutral colours to create a unique look.

2. Yellow, the Most Popular Kitchen Colour Scheme 

Yellow is such a joyful, bright, sunny, and lively colour that we can’t get enough of it! According to Vastu, yellow is considered the ideal colour for your kitchen, because the kitchen is regarded to be a place where Lord Agni resides. At the same time, a bright yellow kitchen may appear claustrophobic if limited space is a fantastic colour for medium and large kitchens. 

So, if you’re looking for yellow kitchen colour schemes, go for yellow and white — the right blend of vibrancy and elegance. You may also opt for an all-yellow kitchen, but be sure to utilise a variety of yellow hues for a unique aesthetic!

3. Jazz up Some Blue and White Combo

Want a strong appearance for your kitchen decor but aren’t a fan of black? Choose a royal blue or a midnight blue. This elegant colour will make your spacious kitchen stand out and become the focal point of your house! 

White is the most pleasing kitchen colour to go with royal blue. This elegant combination is the way to go if you want a mix of dark and light tones in your kitchen. A tint of black or vibrant colour like yellow can also be used to enhance the drama.

4. Colours of Juxtaposition

Have you ever heard the adage that opposites attract? We believe they most certainly do. What better way to pair a navy blue with a bright yellow like this? 

The ideal colour for Indian kitchen walls is contrast, and it’s a terrific way to make your kitchen stand out. This colour scheme is useful when you need to divide zones inside a large kitchen. Island layouts benefit greatly from contrasting colour palettes in the kitchen.

5. Cheering up with Some Bright Hues

Rich, earthy tones combined with a dash of vivid or citrus colours may create unique kitchen laminate colour combinations that work well in medium- to large-scale Indian kitchens. For a burst of colour, the backsplash may be transformed into a piece of art. To complement the vibrant colour choices in your kitchen, match this with grey or beige walls and carpeting.

6. Pastel & Mahogany Lumber for a Refined Feel

Indians prefer using wood as the principal material in their kitchen designs and house interiors! They should since something is comforting and inviting about a wooden kitchen. If you have a wide and open kitchen, you can choose a darker wood instead of the more popular pale wood. 

Keep it simple with wooden kitchens by using neutral colour schemes. Beige and white are ideal complements to dark wood. This stunning modular kitchen colour scheme is a winner.

7. Tonalities of Soft Pine

Light wooden tones are an excellent alternative if you have a spacious kitchen. However, light wood is the way to go if you want a classic alternative that will work in any kitchen! While classic solutions such as homogeneous light wooden cabinets are always available, you may mix them with various light wood hues.

With these trending tips and suggestions, may the journey to create a phenomenal kitchen wall decor become easier for you. Even if you’re a first-time homeowner or have tried and dusted with many, put your time and effort into creating a beautiful kitchen. Give your kitchen a modern facelift or design your one-of-a-kind kitchen area. It’s always worthwhile. For better decor ideas and customised wall designs, check out the custom Warna Collection and Ishta Collection from PaintMyWalls. Be an artist by decorating your favourite spot at home!

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