5 Stencil Designs To Enhance The Way Your Living Room Appears



“The living room is where one comes to ponder and calm down the world for a second.” 

Jason Winston George

Are you familiar with “receiving room” or “parlour”? If you are an ardent fan of the popular web series Westminster Castle or Bridgerton, you would be familiar with these terms! These rooms were solely used to entertain guests throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries and were furnished with the finest furnishings. This area evolved into the modern-day “living room,” a more relaxed space where families spend time together. The name receiving room comes from ladies who would typically sit in this area, waiting for visitors at specific times.

When it comes to design, the living room is undoubtedly the most important in every home as it’s the first room to be noticed when anyone enters your home. As it is said, “the first impression is the last impression” is the room where you and your guests spend the maximum at-home time, and this room also sets an impression on how well your home is designed. 

Stencil design

Hence, here are 5 outstanding stencil designing ideas from the best painters in Bangalore for your living room that would uplift the way your home appears.

1. Living room quotes wall stencil designs

This living area feature is multi-functional that can be converted into a hobby room. Consider using typography stencils if you enjoy adorning your walls with motivational slogans. You may either purchase one off the shelf or create one yourself. Design and cut out your favourite statement or conversation, then paint it on your wall using rollers. This will keep you motivated and inspired.

Go for space-saving furniture, which allows for plenty of free-flow mobility. An entertainment centre offers plenty of storage and display room for your music system, television, trophies, and books. These living room wall stencil ideas may be customised to make your house décor thoughtful and artistic.

2. Stencil designs for living room walls inspired by the urban jungle

This season, biophilic home ideas are popular. However, adding indoor plants requires more upkeep. So, here’s a clever and practical method to incorporate greenery into your home’s décor. 

Turn your accent wall into an urban jungle using stencils with leaf themes. For a trendy aesthetic, use complex leaf pattern stencils or even an abstract one. To make your accent wall stand out, add a vivid coloured sofa and accent chair to create a contrast against the wall. This living room wall stencil design is a unique way to include greens into your contemporary home décor.

3. Living room wall stencil design with a travel theme

Use your walls to show off your passion for travel while also enhancing the look of your home. A black globe map gives your living room walls an edge and a scholastic touch. For a flawless finish, use a stencil cutout and stencil rollers. 

To draw emphasis to the design, paint it on a light-coloured wall. Use a dry roller with no remaining paint to avoid paint seeping through and damaging your stunning globe map design. You may also add wall sconces or spotlights to draw attention to your living room wall stencil design.

4. Stencil design for your living room ceiling and walls

Stencils may personalise your floor, ceiling, furniture, drapes, and accent walls. Employ an exotic stencil design to draw attention to the fake ceiling and add a splash of colour to your living space. Highlight the ceiling design with cove lights and spotlights. Put simple stencil motifs on the walls and paint them gold to add a decadent touch. 

Choose elements like the designer wall mirror and a golden chandelier for a unified aesthetic. The wood flooring offsets the rich colour and embellishments. Add a blue sectional sofa and some indoor plants to complete the design.

5. Designs for classical South Indian living room wall stencils

A traditional rangoli or kolam is an essential part of South Indian house décor. You may now use an artistic rangoli pattern on the wall to adorn your living area. Use a stencil to get a flawless finish and prevent messing up your walls. This stencil wall art may complement traditional interiors or add a subtle conventional touch to modern home interiors. Designs of flowers, garlands and fairy lights may be used to adorn your living room and pooja unit during festivals.

Nowadays, it’s common that wall paintings are crucial in enhancing the interior design of your home. It provides a chance to explore various textures, colours, and patterns. However, finding the perfect match for your walls to your interiors and furnishings is tricky. 

Stencil painting is now the best budget-friendly method to emphasise and personalise your walls. Recently, stencil designs have become trendsetters. One of the cost-effective methods with no significant equipment required, the stencil painting technique is one main reason behind any exceptional wall design, which can be done with just a cutout, paint brushes, and rollers. Also, stencils can be easily made with various materials that easily attach to the wall, so you may paint quickly and remove them without hurting your walls. 

So get ready to be inventive, even if you have no prior art or craft experience. Let’s get started with these easy living room stencil ideas and let your walls do the talking!

Get in line with the painting specialists at PaintMyWalls, for more out-of-the-box ideas on how to decorate your living room with stencil designs, featuring the ‘Ishta Collection,’ the unique selection of stencil patterns made to jazz up your aesthetics of wall painting.

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