Top Stunning Exterior Wall Colours

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Want to stun your guest with the vibrance of your exterior wall painting?

Want to give that extra “Oomph” factor to your House?

Want to give that aggressive boost to your confidence as you walk up to your Beautiful House?

Well, say no more!

We got your back with a Palette of Colours that might even impress the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo for your next paint job

So, without further ado, this is PaintMyWalls edition of Wonderful Extrinsic Colours:

  1. Willowy White

The Classic Choice for every Classy Home Owner. It stands out with its purity and contrasting tones. It’s a perfect choice for sunny areas where you find less rain. The Disadvantage lies in the maintenance, as you can find blemishes and cracks on White Paint very easily.

2. Sunshine Yellow

The Bright and Refreshing tones these Colour offers are what sell this Paint like Hot Cakes! It radiates positive vibes and gives a refreshing outlook to the House as a whole.

3. Azure Blue

From the Deserts of Marrakech to the Streets of France, this exotic color can give a whole new vibe to the house when your eyes lay upon it. So fear not on spending on this lush tone, because it’s worth every penny !.

4. Grey

This might look gloomy, but it goes well with a stony exterior look that blends well with the weather. It is a popular choice with its off-white tone and sinister essence.

5. Pink

You might have had a glimpse of the beauty this color can give to buildings when you gaze upon the likes of Jaipur, the Pink City. It’s an amalgam of all things dipped in natural beauty. Take care to be deaf to people shouting it’s a feminine color, and can only be used for Girly Kinda Houses!

This Peach-ish Colour tone is all the rave in Modern Homes, as it’s funky and classy, all in a perfect balance. Give it a try when you give a fresh coat, and you will be impressed with the positive vibe it can create in the neighborhood!

6. Terra-Cotta Red

Old is Gold, as they say. And this color hasn’t lost its popularity even though it has been in use for millennia. Give this one a try if you want to get that vintage glossy look.

7. Tantalizing Taupe

This particular paint comes in all ranges of tints, including green and even gray, making it easy to totally customize your Home’s Exterior.

We, PaintMyWalls, take pride in ourselves in being the Best Painters in all of Bangalore. So, pick up that phone or ping us on Social Media, to get your Walls the Best Coat of Paint it will ever see in a Lifetime.

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