Choose The Right Wall Colour To Boost Work From Home Productivity

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Most of us have experienced the Work at Home scenario during the Lockdowns. Some may have enjoyed it ( That would be me ! ) and Some might have found it boring and unproductive. Bustling Cities like Bangalore may have experienced a lot of sudden lockdowns during the Pandemic, and this leads to more work hours construed to the interiors of our homes, where we might find ourselves staring at the barren walls nonchalantly, bored out of our minds

This is where Interior Wall Paintings come in handy. They not only used to beautify our interiors, and get a whole load of compliments from our visitors, which is one of the reasons why our aunts fall head over heels over those exquisite wall paintings!

But they also play a huge role in affecting our personality and productivity.

Now, I know we who belong to the educated tribe of city dwellers, are more or less skeptical about superstitions, but we are not talking about our Vastu concepts, nor are we diverting your attention to Chinese Feng-shui stuff over here.

No, we are going to approach this matter through color psychology. Now, you might have heard about this when you were sifting through magazines or watched a number of detective series or two, but we will give you a quick runover of what it actually is. Color psychology dictates that colors have inherent qualities that evoke certain emotions in people. Colors can also enhance the effectiveness of some medicines and have an overall mental and psychological transformation, which differs from person to person.

For Example, Most people assume that bright colors are associated with energy.

But a psychology study at the University of Rochester found that red drastically increases the speed and intensity of emotions that boil inside each and every one of us. Red makes us feel as if everything is urgent, which makes us feel anxiety and worry for the worse.

Color psychology links our emotions to the primitive centers of our brain, the ones that allowed our hunter-gatherer ancestors to survive eons ago. Scientists say that this correlation also affects us to this day, which is why marketers exploit this in order to sell and create traction in the economy. We can also use this unique and inherent feature inside all of us to amp up our productivity and get our job done in a jiffy.


What colours should I use in my Home Office ?

Now when we say Home Office, it doesn’t strictly pertain that you must have an office with all the facilities at home. It means that you may repaint the interior wall paintings with a desirable color to boost your productivity. Studies say that it is better to have a specific space at your home that you use for work, so that you may get into the “zone” and have peace of mind to finish your work attentively.

Paint cans color – Paint My Walls

Intense hues like gem-colored greenish tones and Aqua-toned Blues are excellent for energy boosts but that’s not helpful if you work at home, or not even in the office, for that matter.

 Because there’s a lot of thinking or collaborating involved. For example,

Intense colors like emerald green will make you lose focus, as it is used for more creative spaces like an artist’s studio.

Like we said, It’s not only the color itself that affects your mood and behavior, the intensity of the color also plays a major part in transforming your mood as well.

Balance in a home office is essential, both in paint and in life as well. If you paint your walls in a sky blue tone, don’t use a similar type of blue for the trim or an accent wall. Break it up a dash of white stripes, or any light color of your liking. It works as long as it blends well with the primary color without extra intensity.

Yellows and blues blend well together if you go over and choose the right shades and finishes. For example, the paint colors Old Navy walls and Sunburst (both by the Famous Benjamin Moore) accents will calm and brighten your mood simultaneously, perfect for a low-key work at home paint for your interior walls. Take some liberty to throw in a dash of red and yellow to spice things up and amp up your energy level by a notch or two.

How Can We Help You ?

Being the Best Wall Painters in Bangalore, we can help you choose the perfect color that both boosts your Work at Home Productivity and increases the aesthetics of your Interior design. We are no strangers to the Work at the Home scenario because most of us had to go over that phase during the Pandemic, which is why we can pull this off in the best way possible.

Ring us up the next time you want to get your Walls a Fresh Coat of Refinement!

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