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Have you ever imagined how much will be your Home Painting Cost In Mumbai ? We just drag the idea of home painting just because of the hassles involved in it. Starting from understanding the price to selecting material, handling labor, colors everything is literally time-consuming and headache. PaintMyWalls has a perfect solution for all this as we make sure home painting is a happy experience for all.

PaintMyWalls has been in the industry for 4 years and we are the pro in this business having more that 1000 of happy customers. We make sure that we don’t leave any stone unturned for making you satisfied and happy. We are present in four cities across India and are in the job of beautifying home since last four years. A painting service from PaintMyWalls means a free site visit of your home by our executives who takes the measurements and mails you an approximate quote. We do have a colour consultant who will help you with choosing the best-suited colors for your walls. We offer customized stencil and texture design for your home.

Talking about the cost and painting rates in Mumbai, we provide an end to end home painting solution which means the price is inclusive of labour, material and post cleaning.

Let us take an example, Let’s say you have a 2 bhk apartment for Interior repainting in Mumbai. Lets see how much will be the Home Painting Cost In Mumbai.

No. Of BHK: 2

Carpet Area: 800 sqft

Wall Area: 800*2.25=1800 sqft (Approximate depends on each apartment and houses)

Type Of Painting: Interior Repainting

Type Of Paint: Tractor Emulsion From Asian Paints

Price per Sqft: Rs.11

Your Painting cost will be around Rs. 19800 (price is inclusive of labour + material + post cleaning). We will be doing touch up putty and applying 2 coat of Tractor Emulsion over the walls.

This is how we calculate the rates of your home painting. Painting labour cost in Mumbai provided by PaintMyWalls is very competitive and we assure you for the quality.

We have a hygiene practice of respecting the time of our customers and we make sure that the painting quotation will be sent within 24 hours of the site visit. Any negotiation and other discounts can be claimed by the customers prior the starting of the work.

The home painting cost is increasing day by day as the material and labour charges are going up. In this fierce situation PaintMyWalls takes the pain of providing the painting services at an affordable price without compromising on the quality.

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