Keep Calm And Protect Your Home Painting During Rains

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Home Painting During Rains

Protect Home During Rains with some safety measures, in the monsoon season is agony to people who have done home painting recently. They make the interior and the exterior of the house shabby and drab. With the monsoon just around the corner, it is very important that you take adequate measures to protect your Home Painting from the damage caused by heavy rains.

Choice Of Exterior Paints: It is essential to choose good quality paints for your exterior as it
helps in durability and also refrains seepage. The inferior quality paint is much prone to moisture
build-up and creates patches on the interior wall surface, and in turn, it leads to blistering or peeling
of paints (read our blog about paint failures).

Paint Your Exteriors Before The Rain Hits: It is advisable to paint your house before the rainy
seasons ideally between January to April. Protect Home During Rains with some safety measures,The water content or moisture in the walls remains for a longer time and that is the reason why the painting gets damaged even when it’s painted after the rainy season.

Check The Roof Or Walls For Any Cracks: Check the roof or walls for any cracks. If any crack is found
repair it immediately. After repair, apply a coating of waterproofing compound over the roof/walls.

A Step Towards Waterproof paints: The markets are in with waterproof paints and are extremely
useful for countering the rainy season. Asian paints and Berger paints have waterproof paints that guard your walls against any unwanted seepage. A high-performance waterproof coating will ensure that water slides off the external walls, and does not seep in through the gaps.

A Check With Moisture Meter: Before undertaking any painting work, homeowners should have
their painters utilize a Moisture Meter, which scans wall surfaces to detect if there is any moisture
left behind. A Moisture Meter can be used to ensure a complete check on the moisture content
present in the walls and paint accordingly to avoid future paint failures.

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