Know The Benefit Of Environmentally Safe Natural Paint

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To add years to your walls with a natural look, environment compatible natural paints should be your choice.

The constituents of conventional paints may include formaldehyde,environmentally safe natural paint heavy metals known as volatile organic compounds or VOCs for short. Those VOCs are given out while painting – and for up to five years after your brushes have dried. VOCs are the carbon-based solvents that give traditional paints their obnoxious odor. The raw materials that contain VOC’s are used for a number of reasons, mainly connected with application properties.

“The World Health Organisation states that professional decorators are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer.environmentally safe natural paint Not to mention the potentially harmful processes involved in the manufacture of paint. It’s said that producing one liter of paint can result in up to 30 liters of toxic waste.”

Environmentally safe Natural paints are free from the chemicals that cause health problems. In addition, fainting, dizziness, headaches, weakness, and even cancer have been tied to chemically heavy paint. While lacking in the chemicals and odors of their traditional counterparts,environmentally safe natural paint do have their drawbacks. For one, they do not perform the same as latex or oil-based paint.  They may need additional layers, or the paint job may not last long. Environmentally safe Natural paint also can cost as much as two times the amount of traditional paint.

Among the producers of ‘eco’ or ‘natural’ paint, there’s no cut and dried definition of what that description claims. Some use synthetic, petrochemical-based ingredients, just in lower amounts; others are made with Natural Paint solvents, which still contain VOCs (though rather than emitting noxious gasses they tend to smell of the citrus fruits from which they’re often derived). Some may also contain animal products.t

Environmentally safe Natural paint often carries a Green Seal, widely accepted as an indicator of Earth-friendly paint. The customers should also look for labels that claim low VOC (volatile organic compounds) or no VOC. While this paint is not easily available with local vendors but can be purchased from larger hardware stores.

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