Tired With Wall Stains On Your Newly Painted Walls??

Wall Stains

It’s really irritating and embarrassing to see our Wall Stains or greased or being a spoiled by your children especially if it’s a newly painted one. But it’s inevitable, walls get exposed to stains and rust as the time passes by. Before you clean Your Wall Stains, find out the best remedy.

Grease On Walls

Grease is very messy and usually, happens in the kitchen area. If not treated properly they become very hard and difficult to remove. There is a very simple way to remove such kind of grease seen on kitchen walls: Clean The Grease Stains With A Solution Of 1/3 Cup Of White Household Vinegar With 2/3 Cup Of Water.

Dirt Buildup On Walls

The oil content from your palms can be very handy and as the time passes by it develops dirt and accumulated on where we have frequent contact with the walls. To some extent, you can wash away this dirt by simply wiping the stains with a sponge. If the dirt is too deep then you can try Mr. Clean Eraser which is easily available in the market.

Marks Resulted From Crayons

You can try Toothpaste on such marks and most of the marks will be cleared off with this if not try erasing with an Eraser in a sober manner or swipe with a Baby Napkin or you can use Baking Soda in a sponge and give a tight rub.

Marker, Ink Or Any Other Stains

You can try removing such stain using the Nail Polish remover available in the market. For stain from permanent marker try using a Cotton Ball Dipped In Alcohol and rub thoroughly.


Try to get rid of the rust with a Household bleach solution. Mix a hand fist amount of bleach to one part water and keep it for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly in the rusty surface.

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