Tips to Improve Life Of The House Painting Job

House Painting

House Painting is a once-in-a-while project and most homeowners would prefer to paint only once in a great while. If that’s your mindset, there’s good news: – It’s easy to extend the life of an exterior House Paint job by several years or more. Let us educate ourselves as how can we improve the life of a painting job. By taking simple caution while painting you can increase the life span of your paint up to 5-8 years.

Start with a coat of primer. Priming creates a tackier surface to which paint can tightly adhere, reducing chances that it will peel or blister. As a bonus, the House Paint will have more uniform color and sheen.

Choose exterior colours carefully. Earth tones tend to have good color retention; other colours, such as bright blue and bright red, tend to fade more quickly. Consult your colour consultant and select colours which don’t fade too quickly.

Apply thicker coats. The thicker the paint, the more protection you’ll get. So, apply your paint liberally and never water it down. Paints are carefully formulated to be used as-is for the longest-lasting protection.

Protection from sunlight while painting.  Painting parts of the house that are in direct sunlight will cause the paint to dry too quickly, which can lead to visible seams, brush strokes, and unevenness. It is advised to paint an area that is on the other side of the house from where sunlight is directed.

Paint cannot properly adhere to damp surfaces, so wait a few days to paint following any prep washing or heavy rain. If it just drizzles, it is typically safe to resume painting after 24 hours of drying.

It’s advantageous clean up your exteriors at least once a year to help prevent dirt build-up that rainwater cannot rinse away. Additionally, you should plan to pressure wash your exterior approximately five years after your paint job.

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