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Predict The IPL 2023 Winner, Get Home Painted for ₹1

Submit your entry to enter the draw and 3 lucky winners stand a chance to get home painted for just ₹1!

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Terms and Conditions

Who is eligible to participate in this contest?

Participants residing in Bangalore and Kolkata City are eligible to participate

What information do I need to provide during registration?

Participants need to provide their phone number and address. However, only the door number and local area name should be mentioned to maintain fairness.

Can I submit multiple entries?

No, each participant is allowed only one unique address and phone number entry. Multiple entries from the same participant will be disqualified.

How will the winners be selected?

The winners will be chosen randomly using a selector software.

What prizes are available for the winners?

There will be three winners who will receive a free house painting service for an area of 1200 square feet. The paint provided will be Asian Paints Basic Emulsion (plastic finish look, Tractor).

Can I choose a different paint or upgrade if my house is larger?

Yes, if the winner's house is larger or they wish to upgrade to a higher version of paint, they can do so by paying the differential rate.

When should the winners get their house painted?

The winners must schedule the house painting service between 1st July and 1st September of 2023.

When and how will the winners be notified?

By 29th May, the three winners will be selected using the Random Selector software. The winners will be contacted by 30th May, and their details will also be published on the website paintmywalls.in.

Will my personal information be misused?

No, unless you are a winner, you will not be contacted. Participants are assured that their address and phone number will not be misused.


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