Interior Wall Painting 

When painting the interior of the home, there are several factors that the home owner should think about. First and foremost one is what color should the room be painted in? The color of the walls in a home can make it feel inviting or gloomy. Wall colors can also enhance the beauty of the room. The paint of the interior can change whole appearance of the room, and most people do not realize, how big of a decision it is to choose a paint color. This is why many people feel a bit perplexed when they are looking at paint samples and deciding the color of the interior.

Mostly people who paint their interior walls go with a neutral color that will last for years together. In that way, they can paint just once and be content for years to come. However, others decide to go with bright and bold color choices that make a statement. In either situation, painters at PaintMyWalls offer the best interior painting services to beautify your home. In short they ‘paint your dreams’.

They are reliable, experienced and above all enjoy what they do… and it shows in the quality of our work! We aim to consistently deliver a superior level of service for all of our interior house painting clients. Our painters take pride in their work and focus on the key things to gain customer satisfaction. They provide this from the very first contact through to their detailed consultation, colour advice and professional workmanship.

Also particular focus is placed on protecting your furniture and flooring whilst painting as well as a thorough clean up after each day’s work to minimise disruption to your household.



  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Hand railings
  • Family rooms
  • Play rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Living rooms,
  • Dining rooms
  • Walls, ceilings, doors
  • Texture, Stencils, etc (detailed later)
  • Wood Polishing (detailed later)
  • Decorative Paints (on MDF, wood, fibres, wardrobes etc)