How We Work

End to End  Process

We are proud of our superior service process that we offer to our customers. At every step, care is taken to make the process transparent, easy and of the highest quality.

Step 1.Get in Touch

Contact us by filling the form online or call 080-42916999 or SMS paint to +91 9108014423

Step 2. Consultation

Instant Quote

• We will provide the quick and genuine quote based on the basic information like carpet area, No. of BHK, repainting or fresh painting

• In case of seepage/ dampness/ major cracks , additional charges will be applicable depending on quantum of job.

Colour Advice

Our colour expert will guide you in creating a color theme of your choice. They will also help you in selecting the right color , reducing/adding visual weight. They will also assist you in choosing texture painting as per your taste/ specific room settings

Schedule of job

Our Expert will draws up a final work schedule as per discussion with you and as per you convenience.

Site Visit (If needed)

Our Sales Associate (SA) will visit you for site evaluation, accurate measurement and product and budget consultation if suggested/ required by you

Step 3: Advance Payment Collection

We accept advance payment through NEFT/ Online/ Cheque/ demand draft in the name of CRSI A/C paintmywalls Account No : 50200014274038 Bank – HDFC  IFSC Code : HDFC0001472

Step 4 : Communication on Terms & conditions

We will send the detailed scope of job along with terms and condition through email for your records.

Step 5 : Site Handover

Our expert team will take over the site for the execution of the job.

Step 6 :Detailed Step by Step Painting Process

STAGE 1: Masking Non–Painted Items:

Masking is done for painting a ceiling which requires covering all areas exposed to paint, sanding dust, or any other paint related substance. Painting a wall either with Brush or rolling paint only requires enough masking to cover areas affected by paint drips and roller splatter.

STAGE 2 – Surface Preparation:

Surface preparation is important because it directly affects the surface finish of the paint. It not only gets good results, it helps save time and makes the painting exercise viable too. It is said that the most expensive paint, the finest brush and best painting technique cannot compensate for a poor surface preparation.

To begin with

1.A paint scrapper, a putty knife or a sand paper is used to remove loose particles or flakes and ensure that the surface is free from dust, dirt, grease etc.

2.Patching cracks: Cracks are dug out with the help of a screw driver to remove all loose material to fill them with plaster or putty mixture. When dry, the surface is smoothed with the help of a sanding paper.

3.After scrapping and patching, the entire surface is given a once over when the patching has dried.

4.To remove dirt or grease, the walls are wiped. Painting begins only post walls are cleaned.

STAGE 3 – A Primer coat

A Primer coat is essential, especially when the walls to be painted are stained, porous, have water damage or mildew; or when painting a light colour over a dark colour or vice versa. Primers help provide a smooth surface, making the surface less absorbent, thus increasing the spreading capacity of the paint. Using primer on the kitchen, bathroom and exterior walls is especially important to aid in the prevention of mildew. Primer helps give uniform colour and texture to the finished paint, and provides better adhesion to the top coats. The type of primer used is also dependent on the kind of surface to be painted, i.e. different primers exist for interior walls, exterior walls, wood, metals etc. The first coat is applied and allowed to dry before application of putty coat (if required) or paint coat.

STAGE 4 – Putty work:

Putties are generally used in the case of new walls or walls that require total overhauling. They may not be used for repainting or touch-up exercises. Wall putty is applied to walls after the first primer coat has dried. It will fill minor cracks and surface imperfections, and provides a protective sub-layer for the expensive paint. As per the requirement 1-2 coats of putty can be applied. Generally repainting services require a single coat of primer, but for fresh surfaces or the surfaces that need considerable leveling and removal of undulations, two primer coats are required. We take care that the second primer coat is applied only after the putty coat(s) has dried completely.

STAGE 5 – Paints and wall designs:

Generally two coats of finish coat are required to get the desired finish and colour. It is important that each coat must be completely dry before the application of next one. We provide a wealth of room painting ideas guaranteed to add charm, elegance or whimsy to any area of your home.

Step 7: Work Completion

The job gets completed only after you have got what you have asked for. And you put your signature on the job completion form. Our expert will ensure a professional handover of your premise, post required site cleaning.

Step 8 : Invoice and payment collection

Invoice is sent online/ off line to you after the job completion and balance payment is collected.

Step 9 : Warranty

6 months warranty shall be provided against any defect in application of paint, peeling of paint and fading of paint. There shall be no warranty in case the paint work is spoiled due to dampness, termite, dirt and stains.

Step 10: Feedback

Our Relationship Executives will contact you for confirming your satisfaction rating on different parameters of our service.You can also provide your valuable feedback online.