Full Home Deep Cleaning – Scope and definition in detail


As per the stated offer, we are providing “Full Home Deep Cleaning”. Below is the detailed scope –

For Vacant Spaces – 

Generic cleaning scopes (applicable for all spaces) –

  1. Cleaning of all doors and windows, including doors and handles and glasses, if any. Window channels, if any, shall be vacuum cleaned or by blowers or by using a combination of both
  2. Wiping and mopping of entire floor of the house to remove dust, debris, dirt – using moppers, harmless chemicals, soaps etc
  3. Dry dusting & cobweb removal across the house including balconies
  4. Cleaning and dusting of all Lights (not chandeliers etc), all switchboards, Fans including exhaust fans. If exhausts are very greasy and fins are not reachable (esp. Kitchen), it may not be fully cleaned.
  5. Cleaning of all non-sensitive general Appliances including geysers (exterior only)
  6. Window Railings
  7. Fresh Paint drops

Specific cleaning scopes


  1. Removal of oil/ grease stains from floor/ tiles, granite top or equivalent, interior and exterior of the cabinets by manual scrubbing and cleaning – and if needed, using harmless
  2. General cleaning on the chimney exterior, hob and exhaust Wherever needed to get perfection, chemicals shall be used.

Washrooms –

  1. Acid cleaning of the tile floors and tile walls,
  2. Manual Scrubbing of washbasin and western commode,
  3. Descaling of the taps and shower heads, all other routine bathroom fittings including Wherever needed to get perfection, appropriate chemicals shall be used.

All Rooms –

  1. Floors – All bedrooms and internal passages floor cleaning using soap/ powder/ harmless chemicals
  2. Curtains, curtain Rods and Only dusting.
  1. Wire casing tops, only if not too fragile and doable
  2. Beds body (wood or equivalent) exposed (non-mattress) portion
  3. Table legs and tops (only if empty), table lamps
  4. Wooden Floorings, carpet Vacuum cleaning

For Occupied Places –

We are experts in cleaning and love our job. Pl. ensure easy accessibility, and we shall accommodate all what is listed above. We don’t have any problems in cleaning any part of your house, unless it is not EASILY accessible. For example, if you want us to do under the bed, we are OK, pl. remove the bed and give the place hindrance free, to be cleaned. Pl. do not request us to clean via narrow gaps, unless it is actually easily approachable. If you want us to clean your Kitchen cabinets or other wardrobes/ cabinets, pl. have the contents removed before we reach or at the least, help along with us to take it out. Pl. do not engage us to keep the contents back. You have built your home with love and know the smaller nuances and have a refined taste – we will necessarily mess up in restacking contents, because of lack of skills or lack of time – irrespective of good intentions.

Scope not covered in this offer – 

  1. If you have any expensive Chandeliers or other equivalents, do not ask us to clean the same – because it needs specialized skills and this team does not possess and there is high chances/ have the risk of breaking it.
  2. If you have very old stains on tiles or other items, etc, and it is not going by our generic and safe cleaning process, pl. do not force us. If it is a normal cleaning, we will anyways do it better than others.
  3. This offer does not cover furnishings, mattress, and sofa cleaning
  4. Except for vacuum machine, we do all other works manually including floor scrubbing and we do a great job at
  5. We do not have capability to handle garbage. If garbage is generated as part of this process, it will be neatly kept in one corner. do not ask us to manage the Garbage.
  6. If anything is covered behind/ above false ceiling, pl. do not ask us to clean them. They may be risky. Pl. call us, we shall provide separate experts at additional cost, and exclusive of this
  7. Kitchen exhaust fan are typically not accessible easily for cleaning, and may finally be not spic and It will be just a complimentary attempt.
  8. If you have just taken over possession from your Interior without cleaning, this cleaning scope does not cover the soiled/ stained items because of the
  1. This cleaning is only one time effort. Pl. survey/ do quality check of the cleaning before the cleaning team leaves your premise. Once cleaning team has stepped out of complex, do not expect us to come back for cleaning again.
  2. If yours is a Villa or Independent House, it does not cover terrace or roof or any exterior facing space. Above scope is applicable ONLY for Interior portions of the Small balconies or utilities are OK.
  3. Caution – Grouting is chemically ‘basic’. Acid wash may/ will take out thin layers of grouting between tiles
  4. Request – our boys have come to clean your house. Pl. do not utilize them to do anything apart from cleaning. Don’t ask them to move your house items from one place to Give them items (or space) to clean, not move.

Terms And Conditions for 30% Discount

1. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.
2. The minimum job value to avail offer must be ₹10,000.
3. All standard Terms and Conditions applied.
Note: This offer doesn’t include Texture, Stencil, Waterproofing, Scaffolding, etc.

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