How Elegant Wall Texture Can Change The Entire Appearance Of A Room

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Royale Play Texture

A beautiful house is built with lots of love and caring. So we all want to decorate our rooms nicely. The first step starts with wall paints and not just monochromatic colours, but amazing texture effects that spread vibrancy on the entire house. Royale Play Textures make a room more spacious and comfortable if you know what to choose and how to implement. There are many premier wall paint brands that focus on exotic texture effects and one such popular one is Royale play texture from PaintMyWalls.

So let us talk about the various texture effects that can truly transform your house.

Metallic Finish- These water-based finishes are good for interior walls to create a stunning and shiny effect on the room. This also protects the wall from damp and corrosion.

Stucco Finish- This stone finishing gives the matte and rustic look to your rooms. It is a lime based plaster that gives a smooth texture. Stucco works great for stone finish patterns.

Special Effects- Be creative and imaginative with Royal play texture designs and turn your rooms into a zone of vibrancy. These effects have a large collection of designs to choose from.

Textile Finish- Let’s rock with your walls in textile finishes. Every design is unique with a world-class look to enlighten your mood. These textile textures are much suitable for bedrooms and luxury bathrooms.

Advantages Of Textured Wall

  • Better Durability– Textures protect walls against rough weather conditions and damp that tends to erode the wall surface over a long period of time. They also resist peeling and flaking off the wall surface.
  • Enhanced Appearance– obviously, textures create a dramatic look that makes your interiors stunning. You can keep minimal decorative accessories in your house and just add style with contemporary texture.
  • Conceals Imperfections– for any cracks or flakiness on the wall surface, you can easily hide them. With thick coat application of texture paints imperfect surface will become smooth.
  • Adds creativity– each type of texture comes with different patterns, design, and artwork. One can transform the room décor with texture effect if they are applied properly. Say, if you want to give a special look to your child’s bedroom, you can add glossy 3D texture or floral texture. For master bedroom and living room creativity can be defined with stunning wall textures.
  • Enhanced spacious look– do you know that a textured wall can make small room appears large and vice versa? Certain pattern and color scheme combination can create an illusion of space. So, if you are living in a small apartment texture wall can give you the desired effect of space.

It is more like an artwork than a professional one. Choosing the right texture needs a proper idea. From big house to smaller ones, wall texture can spread beauty and contemporary interior style.

Moreover, we all want our walls to remain as new and perfect for a long time. Thus Royale play texture is the best possible solution. It is the superior way to work with your same old walls.

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