Why should you hire a professional painting service provider?

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Are you planning to give your house a makeover? Confused between a Professional Painting Service Provider and a local vendor? Well, this read will give you an answer to your confusions.A local vendor might be feasible to your pockets but not to your satisfaction. Getting a makeover done through local vendors is a cheaper alternative in most cases but without an assurance of the quality.

Do you want to leave the aesthetics of your home to chance or pay a slight premium for assured quality and good looks?

Here are some reasons why the latter is a much better choice:

Using the right tools for the job:  Best quality paint brushes, rollers, mechanized mixers, pressure cleaners and more are some of the main tools of an expert. Through better material and inventory management practices a Professional painting service provider ensures that right tools are used which are in the best condition so as to give a polished result.

Quality workmanship: With the reputation in line, Professional service providers bring into play best quality materials like paints primers, putty etc. They assure proper supervision and adherence to well-defined procedures.  Quality check and better management practices are their forte. Professionals only claim to fame is customer satisfaction which is produced by their expertise.

Colour consultation: Professionals not only keep vigilance for the finishing quality but the overall aesthetic ranking of your home. They guide and advise you with the color that matches your requirement and budget.

Prior estimate and On budget completion: Professional service providers conduct a prior site visit, take measurements and give you an accurate cost for the job. They take into consideration all the preparatory jobs, repairs, labor that may be required. Whereas most local contractors start the work based on a lump sum cost without considering the actual quantum of work. As they feel the work load, there are chances of the cost to go up before the completion.

A point of contact for your queries: Professional painting service providers follow a systematic procedure for your project.  A skillful and dedicated executive is assigned to you until the completion of work.   They are the expert guides for all your doubts and queries. In case the assigned executive fails to meet your expectations, you can even escalate issues to the higher management for further help.

Service warranty: Any damages due to poor workmanship or use of substandard materials are generally covered under a warranty of 6 month to 1 year by most professional painting service providers.  This enables the customers to relax without worrying much about the quality of work. The need to stay with the painters for examining their work also ceases.

Businesses and professionals strive to give their best to the customers. With a large number of internet users, one can easily check the online reviews. Word of mouth and competition pressure mounting plays a crucial role. The USP of the business stands out to be customer satisfaction else they lose on both ends. Hence, going for a professional painting service providers will never leave you disappointed.

PaintMyWalls- Best painters in Bangalore, comes out with the perfect solution wherein you can sit free of tension and your entire painting services will be taken care by us.

In Short, we give you,

  1. 2 Year warranty for painting services.
  2. EMI Option-PaintMyWalls gives you zero cost EMI for 6 months. Which means the customers should not get worried about paying the amount in bulk but can give in installments.
  3. Price inclusive of labor, masking, and material.
  4. Site visits and quotation are absolutely for free.
  5. Get the service of separate project managers for each project and color consultant for enhancing the total quality of painting work with the right colors.

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