Are Primers An Inevitable Part In Painting

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Primers Inevitable Part Painting

Paintmywalls recommends to have primers to have good paint finishing on the wall and it revokes that Primers Inevitable part of painting

We all have come across the term “PRIMER” while we decide to get our house painted. But majority of people are totally unaware about its property. If you are among them, here is a detailed blog on

What primers are and what role it plays during painting.

Primer is a layer of coating that is applied to materials that needs to be painted. Primers are acknowledged to increase the life of paint and its look.
Let us throw some light on its uses, importance and types of primers which are available in the

What are Primers used for?

Primer can be used for

a) Proper adhesion of paint to the painted surface.
b) When primers are applied prior to painting, the surface will tend to be long lasting.
c) It seals the pores and small openings and gives a shiny touch post painting.
d) It can to some extent reduce the peeling and cracking of paint.

Different Types of Primers

a) Dry wall primer: The new drywalls will be soaking paint and there will be unevenness in the
painted surface as some area may soak more and others may soak less. To get an even look
for the walls, one can by all means use Dry Wall Primers.
b) Wood Primers: Wood Primers increase the life span of wooden materials and helps in
proper adhesion.
c) Stain Blocking Primer: Satin blocking primers are applied when the walls are either greasy
or are in dark colour. They can also be used overtop of crayon marker.

Why is primer necessary pre-painting?

Applying primer over new surfaces might reduce the amount of paint being absorbed by the surface.
You don’t have to prime previously painted surface if the walls are in a good condition. Moreover
interior repainting don’t need priming except where there are stains or the colour you are applying
mismatches the existing colour.
Options are available where you can get the paint and the primer in one product and it will be suited
for previously painted interior surfaces that are in good condition. But most other situations,
especially on exterior projects, it requires a separate coat of primer.

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