Decorative Painting Techniques for Your Walls

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Decorative Painting For Walls

It’s time to come out from the contemporary house paintings methods and think out of the box to add beauty to your home. Many of our customers are unaware of these Decorative Painting technique and we thought of throwing some light through which they can decorate their walls through decorative painting. They completely change the aura of your walls and glitters freshness and vibrancy in every corner. There are many techniques like stenciling, Texture painting, sponging, combing. Let’s discuss each of it.

Stencil Painting

Stencils are one of the most engaging and refreshing painting technique. They are the best alternative for wall papers. You can pick up your design from our numerous stencil collection in our website .Your home will look fabulous and revamped with the new makeover.

Texture Painting

If you are thinking of changing the look of your walls than just putting a coat of paint, then texturing your walls can be your best choice. Metallic and non metallic texture paints are available in the market. You can pick up the variety of textures available and give your walls a perfect beauty makeover. You can play with special effects which will make your walls even more attractive. Some of the very frequently used effects are


Combing technique can be used to create the look of wood grains or any creative design that can pop up in your mind. This method of painting involves applying base coat paint and covering a contrasting colour and then pulling the teeth of a combing tool to create the desired effects.


Of all the painting technique for creating special effects, sponging is one of the most common and easiest one. It creates a very impressive and dramatic look for your walls.


Crinkle effect is created by using regular household tissue paper and helps in giving you a designer wall. It’s also called as tissue paper wall painting. If you are interested in more antique rich feel kind of painting then this is perfect for you.


Ragging is a faux painting technique which involves rolling a soft fabric with an intention to create decorative patterns and prints.

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  1. I own an old apartment and am wondering whether I can give a new look ,an aesthetic and pleasing one ,to my walls by adopting one or some of the techniques mentioned here.I would also like to keep the costs low.

    1. Sure you can definitely do it. We can assist you doing that please call us back at +91 7676 024 024.

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