Is It Necessary To Put Putty In Repainting

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The term putty is very common when it comes to home painting. putty in repainting Wall putty is a white powdered material that is used to provide a smooth base to walls. It is mainly used for filling cracks and leveling surface. putty in repainting It provides good smooth finish on your walls. It is applied on walls and ceiling before applying primer and paint.


  • To fill in the hairline cracks or pores any on the wall surface.
  • To create a uniform, leveled out surface ready for painting.
  • To prevent or reduce water seepage/absorption.


There are basically two types i.e., white cement and acrylic wall putty. Let us understand the basic difference between the two.

DescriptionIt is white cement, mineral and polymer based puttyIt is an acrylic and water based ready to use putty specially formulated to prepare smooth wall surface for painting.
ApplicationInterior, Exterior, CeilingInterior and ceiling
BindingGood Binding PropertyLower binding than cement putty
StrengthHigh strength due to cementComparatively low strength
DilutionDilution is requiredIts ready to use
Drying Time7-8 hours4-5 hours
FinishMatt FinishGlossy Finish
Shelf Life6 months1 year

Why putty is essential prior painting?

Putty application is a primary step for long lasting painting result. It’s very important if you are doing a fresh painting.

Why putty in repainting?

Minimum 2 coats are suggested for putty in repainting. During repainting, if your walls are in good condition putty need not be applied everywhere but touch up can be used where it is required. If you are using paint with sheen finish putty will be required for the desired finish.

Acrylic will be best in the case of repainting while cement putty will be useful in fresh painting.

There are many common brands for putty like Birla, JK and Asian Paints white cement putty. Putty can be applied after sanding has been done and the dust particles are removed.

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